Opening a New Venue in Rye!

An awesome news! 
Opening a new venue in Rye!In January 2022, we will be opening a new venue in Rye, in the same type of cosy homely cottage to the one in Mount Eliza.
This is part of our vision to support children in a homely environment.
We are absolutely thrilled about this news.
We are hoping this will really serve the local peninsula community with paediatric psychology support. 
Visit our website
Meet the Team
We have been very busy growing an amazing team.
You can meet all our team members and learn more about them on our website.
We are also looking for new members to support counselling and psychology functions in Rye.
We have already team members who will be offering services there from January.
We would love to find a couple of other special team members to help out.
Get in touch if the special person is you!
Meet the 3P Team
To book an appointment in Rye or Mount Eliza today, phone 0391194433

news, Online support Group and counselling programs at 3P

Introducing our new logo

Our new logo above designed and drawn by Dr P. represents diversity and unity with the backpack representing inner skills for life adventures.
The colours are purple for dreams and aspirations; blue for the sea and green for the woods as per the landscape of Mount Eliza and the Mornington Peninsula.
Introducing new team membersWe have been very busy over the last few months and introduced many new team members in our last newsletter.
In this newsletter, we are also introducing Jennie and Marianna. Jennie is currently working at 3P and Marianna will start in January. 
Meet the Team for Our New Online Programs

We are launching two online group support programs for teens.
The aims of these two groups are to support wellbeing and create connections with likeminded peers.
Starting on the 9th November 2021 for 10 weeks with a break over the Christmas period.
Counselling Programs at 3P
At 3P, we have developed a number of programs to support the wellbeing of children 6-12 years old.
Jade, student counsellor from Monash University, has worked very hard to design with Dr P. 3 programs – resilience, mindfulness and self-esteem.
Information is outlined below. To book a 5 session program, phone 0391194433.
So lots of new developments at 3P. 
Yes it has been busy indeed!
If you have specific needs, please let us know and we will communicate with you as to what we can offer to respond to your needs.
Contact us

We are growing: Meet the team at 3P

It has been incredibly busy at 3P in the last few months. As well as opening our new premises, we have had a number of referrals and growing the team. 

We are welcoming many new team members…
Meet Melissa, admin support, and Lisa, psychologist, who are starting this week! and a growing team!

Jade started a couple of weeks ago. She is Masters of Counselling student from Monash University completing a yearly placement at 3P. Jade will be responsible for individual and group programs at 3P.
Candice is a provisional psychologist and started a few weeks ago and is completing her final placement at 3P. She is mainly doing assessments at 3P and hoping to offer support too.
Sasha will start at 3P very soon. She is also a provisional psychologist currently.
Both Candice and Sasha are completing their PhD in Educational and Developmental Psychology at Monash University and hoping to publish their first articles soon so they can become fully registered psychologists and support many children, adolescents and families at 3P.
Kathryn is also a provisional psychologist who started a few weeks ago and is currently helping with assessment work on Saturdays. Kathryn is finishing her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Cairmillar and will continue to work at 3P once she is fully registered.
Tracy and Hanna have been part of the team for a little while now and support functions at reception.
Hanna will be doing her provisional psychologist placement for 2 years at 3P as soon as she completes her psychology degree at Cairnmillar Institute this Spring.
At 3P, we continue to implement our vision of training the workforce and supporting learning and skills development in the child and adolescent psychology space!

In the mix, Covid continues to impact on face to face work which can be challenging. We continue to offer services online via telehealth and our unique virtual therapy rooms.
We also apply the criteria from the government when making decisions about who is coming on site: appointments can’t be postponed due specific timelines or a number of previous cancellations due to restrictions or/and a person’s wellbeing is at risk or deteriorating and care is required. 
You can contact us to discuss this further. 0391194433

At 3P, we aim to be creative and offer a range of support. We are now developing different individual and group programs.
Jade will be supporting these and also Sasha when she starts art 3P. These can be delivered at the clinic (online and individual only) or in schools.
Here is some information below about these packages. 
To come Third Culture Kids (TCK)/Cross-Culture Kids (CCK) wellbeing online support groups for adolescents across Australia
Wellbeing online support groups for autistic children and adolescents across Australia
For expression of interests, give us a ring at 0391194433
or send us an email at

So exciting! After just a few very busy weeks! work available at 3P!

Work is available at 3P!

We are looking at recruiting psychologists – provisional, early career and Ed and dev registrars with a specific interest in working with children and adolescents.

Are you?

A newly registered psychologist wanting to expand work in assessments and work with children and adolescents

A registrar in Ed and dev looking for additional supervision and experience in assessments and ongoing support with children and adolescents

A provisional psychologist looking for placement opportunities or working hours

A provisional psychologist near to registration

An undergraduate student in psychology with an interest in child psychology looking for work experience

3P is for you!

If you are looking for placement activities, employment or contracting work for the following…

-outreach support to schools/in the home

-assessment work

-Telehealth work

-face to face work in the cottage

-online group work-support with online course development

-intake support

Benefits of working at 3P

Work with a growing team and very dedicated practitioners

Working on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula closed to beach and the woods

Opportunities for ongoing learning and supervision via individual, group supervision and learning courses, with ed and dev registrar program supervision

Support and supervision for a range of psychoeducational assessments and ongoing support tailored to children and adolescents

An amazing homely and cosy cottage to work from with administrative support

Lots of assessments and resources

Opportunities to grow and support developments at 3P

Creativity and play at the centre of the work at the clinic

Access to a range of Telehealth resources including virtual therapy rooms

A dedicated playroom

Why 3P?

Based on the name of the founder, Pascale Paradis Psychologist, and together with words of association with Ps with psychology such as

Peninsula Paediatric Psychology

Personalised Planning

Positive Parenting

Paediatric and Play

Power of Patchwork

And lots more see

Contact Dr Pascale Paradis

A Pretty Exciting News at 3P!

We have a pretty exciting news!
We have been planning this for a while now and we are so excited to share this news with you all.
From mid May 2021, we will be based at 187 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza, VIC in this lovely homely white cottage.
We will be opening this 3P venue to offer support to children and adolescents, and families. 

3P represents
Peninsula Paediatric Psychology Services 

Services will be particularly focused on paediatric services
– psychoeducational assessments (autism, including the ADOS, learning difficulties, cognitive profile, adaptive skills, socio-emotional difficulties, behavioural difficulties)
– intervention support (behaviour support, counselling, play approaches, psychoeducation, consultation) with our very own purposefully designed play room.

Services will be also available in schools around the Mornington Peninsula for psychoeducational assessments, whole staff or team training, parenting support, consultations and leadership support.

We continue to offer supervision services for provisional and qualified psychologists, and will have placement opportunities at the cottage.
We are now taking expression of interests for placements.
Please submit your CV with a cover letter.
There is also a possibility to rent a room for professionals working in the paediatric space.


We are now taking bookings for opening on the 26th May 2021 face to face. 
Assessment and support can be booked on Telehealth consultations from now!
Our logo
A backpack needed for all sorts of life adventures
Psychologies, with ‘ies’ bringing a connotation of diversity (et pluriel en Français) and being eclectic in offering a variety of approaches meeting needs, as well as Psychologies with the following such as
People Peninsula
Paediatric and Play
Positive Parenting
Power of the Patchwork
Personalised Planning
Pedagogy and Presentations
Pascale Paradis Psychologist
Contact us for any queries at 
or Visit our website


Due to lots of requests in supervision sessions, we have set up this live event for strengths-based and person-centred reports as a workshop/presentation.

This is set up as a low cost and mainly for administrative purposes.

Recording will be available after the live event as well as all resources such as templates and tools.

You can register for the event at this link

Resource #57: Virtual Therapy room checklist

Virtual therapy rooms have sparked many therapists’ attention as these can be really supportive when working online with children. These can also help storing resources in one place, support communication with parents and create engaging activities. At 3P, we have designed a number of packages to support your work online.

Virtual therapy rooms can also support an hybrid way of working to ensure therapists can promptly move from online work to face to face work with fluidity. This week’s circuit breaker 5 day lockdown in Melbourne was a clear reminder that sudden transfer to Telehealth will stay for some time to come. 

Going forward you can access packages via a short course on the 3P learning platform. Packages all include many virtual therapy rooms, activities uniquely designed by 3P, resources, links, a give away of all the package rooms at the end of course, a completion certificate and a short assignment task.

To help you and guide you in designing your virtual therapy rooms, here is a PDF you can download. This is a checklist to follow when creating virtual therapy rooms.

You can also connect with many in our Facebook group to share your creations.

What’s on at 3P in 2021?

Thank you for being there and supporting 3P. In 2020, we have had over 45 000 visitors on our website and lots of positive feedback about our blog posts and courses. We are grateful that our help was very much appreciated. Thank you! For 2021, we have lots of exciting projects at 3P so we thought we would share with you all of these.We have lots of positive feedback about the Creative Approaches to Working Online with Children. Don’t miss this comprehensive course presenting lots of ideas, resources and information about materials particularly when using art as a modality. We talk about parents as co-therapists, home visiting as a concept for online work. We also present lots of pertinent therapeutic modalities such as virtual therapy rooms, setting boxes for families and many more. Join us for this fantastic learning opportunity.
Register to this course today
It is Summer in Australia and many school psychologists and counsellors will get ready to get back to working in schools. If you are one of them, perhaps needing to refresh your toolkit, starting a new role in a school or this is your first job out following registration. At 3P, we have courses just for you where we discuss models of professional practice such as consultation, 3 tier model, and many many resources based on most common problems coming to the attention of school based psychologists and counsellors.We received lots of positive feedback about this course too such as being “a game changer for practice” and “a much needed course starting a new role in a school”.
To register for the Child/School Psychology Resources Series 1, quote specialoffer at checkout to receive 30% off current price.
In 2020, we have also been very busy developing virtual therapy rooms. We have set up online workshops and developed lots of resources. More online workshops are planned for 2021. Watch this space!
To learn how to create virtual therapy rooms, register here for only $20 AUD to the end of the month only.
Tell us about training and resources needs
2020 was hard for many particularly for those who were thinking of moving abroad or are in transition. At 3P, we have a few projects to support others continue developing their dreams.We have designed a completely new course for overseas psychologists moving to Australia to help them navigate terminology, systems and transition challenges. We are also setting up monthly group supervision to support many during this process (email us if interested).
Register here for the Overseas Psychologist in Australia Online Course as a Pre-Order. Fully Accessible in 2 weeks time. Don’t miss it!
We have also started A Psych Moving Abroad Stories Podcast to support psychologists who are thinking of moving abroad. We hope these stories will help others in this transition. We have received an overwhelming positive response to this project and many guests have come forward to participate in the podcast. We will hear awesome stories so stay tuned!
Listen to the first episode of the A Psych Moving Abroad Stories Podcast and many more to come
At 3P, we also do psychoeducational assessments and intervention support including Telehealth. We are on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, and more than happy to assist with assessments (NO WAITLIST). We are also available for Telehealth Australia wide. We can also support families making a transition from and to the UK and Australia.We continue to support many provisional and qualified psychologists through individual and group supervision. We also work closely with schools in the form of training, consultations and professional supervision. Contact us via our Facebook Page, website and/or email for more information and bookings

What if we were grateful for 2020…

I am seeing lots of newsfeed, posts and hearing comments about the need to get to 2021 urgently so that 2020 is finally over. Comments like this…

“So looking forward for 2020 to be over so we can move one”

“Very much looking to see the back of this year, 2020 is suck”

“We deserve a better year next year, I had enough of this one”

“Next year will be so much better”

And so on…

Yes we had a tough year, yeS with many challenges, yes many may want to turn the page…but what if turning the page too quickly or in frustration, without gratitude, may lead to even more problems in the future…

What if we take the time to pause and reflect on what 2020 has taught us so that we can learn from it and steer in a different direction..

In fact, in 2020, we saw many exceptional things happen…to name a few…

Significant reduction of carbon monoxide emission worldwide

Rise for equality and human rights

Watching leaders manage a pandemic which allowed for positive leaders to shine and many cracks of negative leaders to be uncovered

Recognising the importance of health, care and education workers as key to the front services of a society

Acknowledging security of employment as important and taking steps to remediate inequalities and offer solutions

Slowing down fast pace work by reducing travelling hours such as long commutes, international travels

Return to the need to meet basic needs such as health, security, housing

Telehealth recognised as important and essential to offer support to many

Technology being a key to connecting with family, friends, colleagues and supporting learning with many learning new skills

Making working from home a possibility allowing work-life balance and meeting family commitments

Maximising time to be with our children and as a bubble family

Taking time to reconnect with hobbies such as creating, cooking, reading, making

Connecting with nature, gardening, plants, flowers, animals

What if 2020 delivered a huge message saying “I can’t take it anymore, things have to change”.

What if we should listen carefully to what 2020 said…

What if we were grateful for learning points of 2020 before turning the page, because many things may be here to stay.

Not only that, 2021 will be a turning point for the world as we will need to face the challenges 2020 brought so vividly and all at once bringing a need to heal and receive, and put in place lessons learnt.

What if 2020 was there to help us pause and reflect of what is really important in life and re-centre our actions in a constructive manner and a slightly different cap for 2021 with exciting projects that are grounded in what we value the most and what has been reflected upon…

Let’s think about it, let’s leave 2020 grateful and in peace of a better tomorrow…

#Resources 56: Virtual Therapy Rooms

Whilst creating and finalising the content of the Creative Approaches when Working with Children Online, I came across Bitmoji Therapy Rooms. I initially did not think it applied to the therapeutic work we do as it was more referred to as Virtual Classrooms. As I am not a teacher with a class, it did not feel so relevant. I did a little more exploration and I am now completely sold on the idea that these virtual rooms are amazing and so helpful in planning our work with children.

Are you running out of ideas when working online with children?

Not sure what else to do to keep children engaged in online therapy?

Finding the whole online process tiring and exhausting?

Virtual therapy rooms is probably what you need. I really think it could revolutionise ways of working as a therapist.

What are Virtual Therapy Rooms?

You create rooms in Google Slides or Powerpoint and insert your Bitmoji in the presentation. There are a few technical hurdles associated with getting the technology right initially, but it does then become second nature and designing the rooms become easier. I made mine in Google as I have a Google Drive, it seemed easy this way.

Videos on YouTube and professional Facebook groups have shared resources to get you started. Therapists are also selling their rooms on TeachersPayTeachers to help you. I decided I really wanted to design my own as it can be personal as you design your rooms, depending on the type of work you mostly do, presentation and needs of children and families, and also your own creative style. It is so much fun thinking about it all and bringing it together.

Yes you have to be particularly creative. This is what is so exciting! Who does not like a bit of interior designing!

I share in this post the photo of my first room. You can see a room with me and many objects in my room. All the objects are linked to other Google slides or web links. You can link worksheets from your Google Drive to the presentation. This is what is amazing!

All your therapy resources in ONE Google Slideshow!

Here is another example of a room about feelings where each of the big emojis lead to a different room with links about these different emotions.

You can have as many rooms as you want, depending on children’s needs. I have designed a few now: feelings’ room, doll’s house, chill out room and a Take a Break room, to name only a few. You could also have a Parent Room where you have lots of top tips and information.

How to Use the Virtual Therapy Rooms?

In sessions, you present the slides, show rooms, using the shared screen functions. You can give remote control access to the child so that one has control over visiting rooms and clicking activities or the child can tell you where to click on the screen. This way you discover together different activities, rooms and resources. If a child is talking about a specific topic, you can direct the conversation to the room where information is shared on the topic.

The most amazing of it all is that you can share your Google Slides with clients with the Share button so they can revisit rooms or look at them in advance. You can also create a PDF and all links remain. You can then send a room to parents in an email with all the links you covered during the session.

What Does Not Change?

All your skills as a psychologist are still needed, including clinical judgement, knowledge of the discipline and scientist-practitioner, all your essential competencies. This is just a way to store all your resources in one place, increase engagement from children in sessions and support communication with parents.

Could Bitmoji Therapy Rooms Revolutionise the Online Therapy World with Children?

I am such a visual person and also a creator-designer, love art work so this type of approach is completely revolutionary for me as a child psychologist but also for training! I love that it keeps all the resources in one place. Even when we go back to face to face work, this resource will still be useful for videos, web based resources and communication with parents. You could still use a room during a face to face session when you want to share a video with a child for example.

I have now created over 30 therapy rooms and completely beside myself on how amazing these work. It feels such a long way since March 2020 when many moved to working online, scared and anxious about the prospect.

This resource has to be a life changer for therapists!

You can join Creative Approaches when Working with Children Online where these rooms will be discussed and shared. You will have 10 rooms with links and resources you can then tailor to your needs.

We set up free live events and the recording is now available with links and resources. Here is the link to register.

We also set up a Creating Virtual Therapy Live Workshop and the recording is also available for viewing at a low cost of $20 (AUD) With this training, 5 rooms, links and resources will be shared with you. If you are interested in a live workshop, get in touch and I will do what I can to arrange this.

You can also register for the 2 courses as a bundle

I am also happy to offer specific tailored training for practitioners and workplaces/practices who would like this training for a number of practitioners. Get in touch with me, we can arrange something together.

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