Therapist Backpack




This concept was created and designed by Dr. Pascale Paradis based on her experience working in a range of settings as a psychologist: early years, home visits, schools and clinics. The aim of The Therapist Backpack is to have all resources needed by a therapist when working in these environments, as well as via Telehealth.

Covid-19 has created a range of challenges for therapists needing to engage children and adolescents online. Virtual therapy rooms are great at supporting this process.

There is no doubt that going forward, we will continue working in a hybrid way – online and face to face – so we had better become fully equipped to meet these needs. For so many reasons, a hybrid way of working is likely to become the norm.

What is included in the backpack?

The concept of the backpack aims to also help the therapist develop one’s own inner backpack full of skills needed in therapy. In the Therapist’s Backpack, the following resources are included.

A backpack, including essential resources:

  • Scented pens
  • Playdoh
  • Little animals and people
  • Counselling cards with activities

A book, including:

  • 50 therapeutic activities
  • Checklists and top tips on how to create virtual therapy rooms
  • Many templates for professional practice
  • Access to virtual therapy rooms presented in the book