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All courses are designed to be low cost and accessible to all. Costs range from $20 to $250 currently. Remuneration from these courses are to cover the costs of administration such as the learning platform, zoom subscriptions, administration costs and a token of appreciation for the time taken by the presenters and designers of the course. Thank you.

We aim to have engaging materials and resources so that online work with children is fun, playful and creative. We train our staff with these resources to implement engaging and motivating sessions. Resources include virtual therapy rooms. These can also maximise communications with parents about the therapeutic process such as activities completed in sessions. We will aim to send you a PDF of activities completed together at the end of sessions so that you can consolidate learning points.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Educational Services Outside Of What Is Listed Above

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Fees & Appointments

Fees & Appointments Fees are specified by the type of appointment required. New Client Enquiry Find out more Peninsula Paediatric Psychology Pricing Registered Psychologist $230

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Supervision support

Dr Pascale Paradis offers a range of supervision experiences focused on child, family and school psychology. Based on theoretical approaches such as solution-focused, strengths-based, positive psychology, CBT, ACT, personal construct psychology and person-centred approaches.

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At 3P, We Are Designing A Number Of Therapeutic Resources For Professionals Working With Children

All products have been trialled in sessions and all ideas for these products originate from needs observed in professional practice. On this page we present the products available at 3P. Many more products are currently under development. Should you have a need for a specific product, get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist and help developing it based upon your needs.