Careers at 3P – Join the Team

Are you a Registered or Provisional Psychologist looking for a sea change in a close-knit team? We are always on the lookout for intuitive psychologists that are passionate about supporting children and families.

Careers at 3P – Join the Team

Our mission is to offer high quality psychological services to the paediatric population (aged 0-25), families and schools with person-centred and neuroaffirming approaches as well as promoting a learning and collaborative culture in a cosy, play-based environment. Both cottages offer a space designed to be in tune with nature – beach and woodland – as per the landscape of the Mornington Peninsula. We also offer outreach services in schools and have partner schools where we deliver services. We have a flow of referrals from a range of referrers which offer opportunities for a varied caseload. Referrers include a range of paediatricians, GP clinics, NDIS coordinators, schools, agencies and organisations such as Anglicare, Oz Child, DFFH.

What makes Peninsula Paediatric Psychology a great place to work?

What is on offer at 3P?

The clinic and team environment are embedded in 3P values. A personalised approach and planning, learning together, home to home support, supporting young people to develop skills for all sorts of life adventures and help them build their inner backpack. 

Clientele and Range of Work

The Team and Culture

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Who are we looking for?

If you are interested in working at 3P, contact us by sending your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Psychologists and Provisional Psychologists

Psychologists and provisional psychologists are welcome to send their CV with a cover letter. We are looking for little gems who are dedicated, committed and creative about their work.

More specifically, we are looking for psychologists interested in psychoeducational assessments, particularly autism and ADHD. At 3P, we complete neuroaffirming assessments.

We are also interested in psychologists interested in early intervention and working with primary aged children in a play-based approach. We have a playroom dedicated to this in both of our cottages.


Position Descriptions

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