Psychoeducational assessments

At 3P, we offer a range of assessments for children and adolescents to support parents and schools in understanding their needs and to further inform individualised educational support and next steps of their educational career. We provide psychoeducational assessments for children and adolescents from the early years to young adulthood.

Psychological assessments

An assessment process include initial consultation where background information, developmental history and current functioning will be discussed. At the end of this consultation, a plan will be drawn up together to inform the next steps of the assessment. Depending on the referral question, assessment tools will be chosen and the length of the assessment process determined. An assessment process can take up to 3-4 assessment sessions depending on the complexity of the referral request. Sessions can typically go up to 2 hours each.

We carry out comprehensive assessments and also feedback results with comprehensive reports which include recommendations for the family and school. Feedback sessions are aimed to be co-constructed which means that all involved in implementing future recommendations to be included and working together in achieving the best outcome possible for the child.


Parents are often surprised about assessment costs. These are assessments are comprehensive, thorough and involve triangulation of lots of information, writing a lengthy report and research of evidence-base practice. Overall costs for an assessment range from $2500-3000 depending on needs and complexity of the assessment and referral question. This section aims to outline the costs in a broken down way so that it reflects the work undertaken during an assessment. The break downs below are typical assessment processes. It may be that depending on needs and contexts there are variations to these typical processes. The psychologist working with you will send you a break down of the assessment process after the initial consultation with the costs. You will be able to pay in instalments or in full. No report feedback will be provided until the totality of payments have been made. A feedback session must also take place at the end of each assessment processes to ensure all are understanding strengths, challenges and next steps going forward.

We have slightly lower prices for provisional psychologists undertaking these assessments. Please refer to the following price list. Provisional Psychologist fees

Initial Consult

What’s an Initial consultation? It aims to give the space to parents to discuss concerns, needs, referral reasons, strengths, developmental history, planning for next steps (assessment, counselling, etc.). It is a working together process where parent(s) tell their story about reasons for consulting and with clinician formulate a plan forward. Both parent(s) and clinician put their heads together to come up with a plan going forward.

What should I expect at the end of an initial consultation? a plan going forward such as goals for therapeutic support or an assessment plan.

Initial consultations are better in a private and quiet space without distractions

Initial consultations can be telehealth or face to face – we are giving you the choice to be in the most suitable place responding to your needs

Typically, particularly for younger children (2-12), a first session is an adult only session and this is now allowed under Medicare (as of 1st March). This is to allow the parent(s) to be able to discuss any concerns without the child, and be more free in what they are saying. For teens, as they are possibly much more aware of why they are coming to see a psychologist, having the child there may be a positive process as they can contribute to the consultation. This is to the discretion of the parents, depending on the issues needing to be discussed. In all situations, the child’s views about their own needs and strengths will be sought in subsequent consultations/assessment sessions.

Bear in mind younger children can be distracting and it may be better to have some quiet time to engage in this initial consultation. We also understand that childcare may be tricky to get in some situations and we will aim to be as flexible as possible with this. If face to face, at both cottages, we have designated playrooms but having a young child in the room may be distracting and further parent consultation may be needed in the future.


What’s a feedback session?: A feedback session is a consultation following an assessment process between parent(s) and the assessing clinician. This session aims to discuss findings from the assessment process. If a diagnosis(es) is/are to be given this will be discussed together with psychoeducational resources to support parent(s) and child. Next steps and recommendations will also be explained to support the child at school or for ongoing support with professionals (paediatricians, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, teachers) and/or funding systems (NDIS, Disability Inclusion Profile, etc.).

This session aims to be co-constructed which means that parent(s) can bring points for discussion, questions, queries and suggestions for recommendations. It aims to be a positive and affirming session for self-understanding and awareness and provide a pathway to support.

For children aged 2-12, a session like this may be better done with parent(s) only so that parent(s) can discuss more freely suggestions and a way forward. A session with the child at a later date can be scheduled to discuss needs, strengths and resources if the parent(s) do(es) not feel confident about relating findings alone with the child. For teens, the session can take place with all present as a self-understanding session. If parent(s) wish for the teen to not be present to discuss needs more freely, it is highly recommended for an additional session to be done with the teen alone to help them understand their needs and strengths.

In all assessment processes, the reports will not be released without a feedback session as it is deemed best practice and aims to ensure an understanding of needs took place as well as support going forward well formulated and implemented.

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