Fees and appointments

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will aim to reply to you within 3 days.  The table below provides guidance about our fees structure. Our fees are guided by the APS recommended fees:

Fees are specified by the type of appointment. GST may apply in some circumstances such as qualified psychologists seeking supervision.

Included below is also a section on frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.

Please contact us to discuss your needs in terms of support.

Professional ActivitiesFees with
Registered Psychologists
Fees with
Provisional Psychologists**
Assessments * Some assessment sessions may attract a rebate depending on the type of session and referral. Discuss this with the psychologist on the first session.
Initial consultation$214$120 with if private or Medicare client
$156 if NDIS
Two hour assessment session for a cognitive profile (WISC, WAIS, WPPSI) – administration and scoring$428$400
Two hour assessment session for a learning achievement profile (WIAT) – administration and scoring$428$400
Questionnaires – administration, scoring, interpretation$300$300
Additional sessions for play, ADOS, Migdas, CARS interview $428$400
Additional session for CTOPP or additional assessment session$214$200
Reports – all assessment process will require a report to communicate complex and technical information to parents, school or funding bodies
Review or short reports$400$400
Basic report (reporting on ‘one two hour assessment’ and questionnaires)$500$500
Comprehensive report (reporting on more than ‘one two hour assessment’, questionnaires and consultations)$700$700
Letter of application or referral to an external agency or professionals outside Medicare$200$200
Report for Court purposes – to be negotiated with the psychologist depending on the nature of the work to be completed$500+$500+
Consultation at the clinic or via phone, telehealth$214$120 with if private or Medicare client
$156 if NDIS
Consultation at school or home visits$240$220
Group/family sessions$240
Training and Work in Schools
Training or workshops (including preparation and resources)$1000
or $250/hour
Twilight sessions on specific topics $500
A day in school (with provisional psychologist) – 7+ hours$660
A half a day in school (with provisional psychologist) – 5.5 hours$440
Supervision *supervision attracts GST for qualified psychologists only
Individual supervision via Zoom or in clinic*$171
Group supervision for individuals*$50
Professional supervision to school leaders or school staff$230
Group supervision (4-6) via Zoom or in clinic for a group$330
Shorts report or letter$220

Provisional Psychologists**

Provisional psychologists are all in their 5th year or 6th year of studies in psychology. They have all completed an undergraduate psychology plus an honours year. Provisional psychologists are all under supervision with a board approved supervisor and engaging in an internship program as regulated by AHPRA. They engage in pertinent learning and professional activities to develop their professional competencies. At 3P, we employ provisional psychologists as this is part of our vision and values to offer training for the psychologists of tomorrow. Our recruitment process is also rigorous and we employ provisional psychologists with significant experience in the field of psychology or connected fields such as mental health clinicians, social care, childcare, education/teachers. We also have a thorough supervision and learning program that all our team engage in. All assessment reports are reviewed and countersign by a board supervisor. The supervisor may also work as a consultant – attending a session and doing joint work. In these situations the registered psychologist fees will apply. Provisional psychologists may also work with a registered psychologist and observe sessions. At 3P, we encourage this rich team collaboration.


  1. Will I have access to Medicare rebates? Yes of course. At 3P we are psychologists and you will be able to receive a Medicare rebate of $89.65 if you have a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). Bring your plan with you at the first appointment or email it to us. If you do not have a valid plan, we will not be able to process the rebate. Medicare rebates are only available if you see a registered psychologists and this is why we offer a reduced fee if you see a provisional psychologist.
  2. Do you take NDIS clients? Yes, absolutely. 3P is more than happy to support clients with NDIS plans. We are not a registered NDIS provider which means we can take clients with a self-managed plan and third-party managed plan.
  3. Do you offer home or school visits? It is a possibility depending on whether we have psychologists available to do this work on a regular basis. We are certainly able to do assessments in schools. Depending on the distance from our office, there may be an additional fee for transport. We cover the Mornington Peninsula at no extra cost.
  4. Do you have a waitlist for assessments or support? Currently have a short waitlist and clients will be able to be seen within 2-3 months of their enquiry.
  5. The psychologist we saw suggested doing a school/kinder observation. Why? School/kinder observations can be rich in offering the practitioner contextual cues about possible strengths and challenges the child is experiencing in their environment. It is also a good opportunity to speak to the teacher, discuss best ways to support the child and offer strategies going forward.
  6. The school teacher said we should have an assessment done for our child. What is the benefit of an assessment? An assessment can give rich information about the strengths and needs of a child to provide information for future intervention support. This process can help adults involved in the child’s life to understand needs and strengths better. It may lead to additional support in school.
  7. If we book an assessment, are we guaranteed of a diagnosis for our child? The answer is ‘no’, but the process will definitely highlight the needs of the child and suggest interventions going forward. The process aims to elicit needs and strengths in a range of areas such as socio-emotional, cognitive, learning, adaptive skills, self-care and independence.
  8. Can we book an appointment? Yes absolutely. Give us a ring at 0391194433. You can register through the Client Portal for information about our services but we are not able to let clients book in online due to the need to match with the right psychologists depending on needs and referral question.
  9. What types of NDIS services do you offer? 3P offers a range of services. See our services page and we can discuss further at the initial consultation, how we can meet your goals on your plan. We will do a review letter in due course. For a review, we need to know the child well before we are able to offer rich information for the review.
  10. Do you take private health insurance clients? Yes absolutely. Appointments will need to be paid in full and it will be your responsibility to process refund/rebates with your private health funder. We will provide a receipt of payment.


Parents are often surprised about assessment costs. Overall costs for an assessment range from $1500-2500 depending on needs and complexity of the assessment. This section aims to outline the costs in a broken down way so that it reflects the work undertaken during an assessment. The break downs below are typical assessment processes. It may be that depending on needs and contexts there are variations to these typical processes. The psychologist working with you will send you a break down of the assessment process after the initial consultation with the costs. You will be able to pay in instalments or in full. No report feedback will be provided until the totality of payments have been made.