What do we do?

Welcome to 3ppsychologies: “Psychologies for Life Adventures”

We offer a range of services to meet a diversity of needs and offer group and individual support via different means. We also provide support to school staff such as school counsellors, wellbeing staff and psychologists.

Pascale is a registered Educational Psychologist in Australia and the UK. She is also a Board-Approved Supervisor and Registrar Program Principal Supervisor (Educational and Developmental Psychology).

Services can be delivered in French and in English.


A family feel with a warm, caring and supportive environment, using child-focused, person-centred, play, positive psychology, resilience, strengths and a range of approaches as well as aiming to respond to needs with flexibility and adaptability.

Working with children, adolescents, parents and school staff

  • Psychological assessments

    • cognitive profiles
    • learning assessments
    • socio-emotional assessments
    • play-based assessments
    • complex needs and disabilities
    • functional daily living assessments
    • strengths, needs and difficulties assessments
  • A Range of Needs

    • On-going support to children and young people experiencing mental health, behavioural and emotional difficulties, and special educational needs
    • School refusal, exam stress and school issues
    • Learning difficulties and disabilities
    • Male and female ASD
    • ADHD
    • Complex needs and disabilities
    • Visual and hearing impairment
    • Physical disabilities
    • Health conditions such as diabetes
    • Sleep difficulties
    • Eating issues
    • Toileting issues
    • Bullying, friendship issues
    • Parental separation
    • Second language acquisition
  • Early Years and Early Intervention

    • Assessments
    • Understanding of needs
    • Observations
    • Family-centred approach
    • Goal setting
    • Skills development through play
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health

    • Anger
    • Stress
    • Anxieties and low mood
    • Adjustment difficulties
    • Emotional issues, self-regulation and self-esteem
  • Parent and Family Support

    • Parenting and family support
    • Family sessions
    • Joint school-family consultations
  • Transition support

    • School and life transitions, and global migration issues
    • Transition to school: workshops and support
    • Transitions mid-year
    • Transition to the next grade
    • support through Skype/Zoom is available for specific issues such as global migration and/or ongoing support where proximity to clinic is a challenge such as rural areas and distance
  • Behaviour Management

    • Behavioural support and plans at home or/and in school
    • Goal setting and support
    • Suggestions and advice
  • Skills Training and Psychoeducational Support

    •  social skills training
    • communication skills
    • assertiveness training
    • Stress management
  • Support Groups

    • Social skills
    • Aspirations
    • Self-identity
    • Parenting
  • School support

    • on-line consultation and support to school staff (via Zoom)
    • feedback about assessments
    • support with writing and implementing individualised learning plans
    • group work
    • support meetings
    • workshops and training
    • project work in schools such as children’s participation, parental engagement and training/workshops
    • pre-post evaluation of programs
    • research and development
    • advice on specific topics

Interventions and presentations can be delivered as stand alone presentations, or as an on-going piece of work in the school, or as part of workshops and more practical activities with children, parents and staff. Workshops often evolve from specific work with children, family and school staff and developed from needs so do not hesitate to contact us, should you wish to discuss an idea or need further for a first consultation.

  • Dreams and Aspirations

    • Facilitating change towards aspirations
    • Subject choices and educational orientation
    • Person-centred tools

Professional support, supervision and mentoring

  • leadership and managing change consultation for school leaders
  • supervision, mentoring, psychologists, allied health professionals
  • supervision of provisional psychologists and psychologists wishing to complete the educational and developmental psychology program.
  • wellbeing of teachers and school staff
  • guidance and coaching

What next? Where do I start?

First contact us via email to discuss needs and design future support: info@3ppsychologies.com

We will endeavour to answer your query within 3 days of receipt.