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We have many services to offer children and families. We pride ourselves on the help we provide for schools and groups as well as the specialised services around assessments and support.

Support in Schools

Support in Schools We have a school outreach program that offers many services to students and professionals. New Client Enquiry Find out more School Support

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Psychological support

Psychological Support We offer psychological support for many different needs. New Client Enquiry Find out more Offering psychological support for children and adolescents with a

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Supervision support

Dr Pascale Paradis offers a range of supervision experiences focused on child, family and school psychology. Based on theoretical approaches such as solution-focused, strengths-based, positive psychology, CBT, ACT, personal construct psychology and person-centred approaches.

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Fees & Appointments

Fees & Appointments Fees are specified by the type of appointment required. New Client Enquiry Find out more Peninsula Paediatric Psychology Pricing Registered Psychologist $230

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At Peninsula Paediatric Psychology, We Are Designing A Number Of Therapeutic Resources For Professionals Working With Children

All products have been trialled in sessions and all ideas for these products originate from needs observed in professional practice. On this page we present the products available at 3P. Many more products are currently under development. Should you have a need for a specific product, get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist and help developing it based upon your needs.