Opening a New Venue in Rye!

An awesome news! 
Opening a new venue in Rye!In January 2022, we will be opening a new venue in Rye, in the same type of cosy homely cottage to the one in Mount Eliza.
This is part of our vision to support children in a homely environment.
We are absolutely thrilled about this news.
We are hoping this will really serve the local peninsula community with paediatric psychology support. 
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Meet the Team
We have been very busy growing an amazing team.
You can meet all our team members and learn more about them on our website.
We are also looking for new members to support counselling and psychology functions in Rye.
We have already team members who will be offering services there from January.
We would love to find a couple of other special team members to help out.
Get in touch if the special person is you!
Meet the 3P Team
To book an appointment in Rye or Mount Eliza today, phone 0391194433
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