Life is full of adventures

Time to time we all need a little bit of help!
This also goes for children and young people who may find some life adventures a little more tricky than others. Support can make a difference in helping children and young people to gain lifeskills and empower them to reach their potential,  participate and engage positively in their daily activities such as learning and socialising. In these situations, families and schools also need support in understanding children’s and young people’s needs, difficulties and strengths and implement the most appropriate interventions and strategies.
<3PPsychologies aims to help children and young people develop skills for all sort of life adventures. It also aims to support families and schools in understanding children’s and young people’s needs and empower key adults to implement interventions and strategies.

For a Toolkit to Global Migration: Resilience, Positivity and Talents

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Some News at 3P!

Life is always busy, but the last few months have been particularly busy with lots of exciting developments and opportunities…here is summary…

  • We completed this week Webinar 7 for the Child/School Psychology Resources Webinars. I have received lovely comments about how these have been helpful for participants. I am glad these are helpful.
  • I am launching Series 2 with lots of different new topics. Don’t miss out!
  • I have a group supervision running monthly for qualified psychologists working in schools, early intervention programs or private practice, particularly those working with children, families and schools.
  • I continue to offer supervision for the Ed and Dev endorsement program via Zoom. The lovely Coco, my new Labradoodle, cheers up sessions and sits at my feet! Do not hesitate to contact me, should you wish to set up supervision sessions.
  • I started a new Facebook group aiming to support psychologists experiencing global migration. You can find the group at ‘A Psych Moving Abroad’. I am starting some podcasts which will aim to capture many stories of psychologists moving abroad (https://www.facebook.com/groups/345531216361735/).
  • Bangkok and Oxford are part of plans for the new year. I will be attending the Families in Global Transition again. I will also be presenting at a Conference in Oxford, UK, entitled ‘Children On the Move’ (https://www.bera.ac.uk/event/childhood-on-the-move).
  • Application to start an Affiliate in Melbourne for the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) organisation has been accepted and work is underway to launch the Affiliate. More about FIGT at this website (https://www.figt.org).

This website is designed to contain lots of child friendly resources such as books and ideas for professional practice and parents wishing to learn ,ore about activities to help their child.


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