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Dr Pascale Paradis

director at 3P, Educational and Developmental psychologist, supervisor

Pascale is dedicated and passionate about her work. She adopts a range of approaches to meet children, families and schools needs. She thrives in opportunities and possibilities to be creative and applying psychology at the forefront of her work. Collaboration, solution-focused approaches, play and evidence-based practices are central to her work.

Episode 4 – Terese's story from Australia to Qatar A Psych Moving Abroad Stories

In this episode, Terese shares her story about moving during a pandemic from Australia to Qatar. She explores reasons for making a move, as well as lessons learnt. She talks about living in Qatar and adapting to working in an international school. As part of this episode, Pascale talks about her connection with the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) organisation who support families and professionals experiencing global moves. To connect with this organisation or become a member, find details here – https://www.figt.org If interested in communicating directly with Terese, here is her email address – tmschuts@live.com If interested in participating in this podcast, contact Pascale at info@3ppsychologies.com
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  2. Episode 3 – Maria's Story – From Russia to Australia
  3. Episode 2 – Reflections about adaptation when moving abroad
  4. Introduction to the A Psych Moving Abroad Stories Podcast
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Resource #57: Virtual Therapy room checklist

Virtual therapy rooms have sparked many therapists’ attention as these can be really supportive when working online with children. These can also help storing resources in one place, support communication with parents and create engaging activities. At 3P, we have designed a number of packages to support your work online. Virtual therapy rooms can also support an hybrid way of…

What’s on at 3P in 2021?

Thank you for being there and supporting 3P. In 2020, we have had over 45 000 visitors on our website and lots of positive feedback about our blog posts and courses. We are grateful that our help was very much appreciated. Thank you! For 2021, we have lots of exciting projects at 3P so we thought…

What if we were grateful for 2020…

I am seeing lots of newsfeed, posts and hearing comments about the need to get to 2021 urgently so that 2020 is finally over. Comments like this… “So looking forward for 2020 to be over so we can move one” “Very much looking to see the back of this year, 2020 is suck” “We deserve…