“From time to time, we all need a bit of help

to navigate life journeys…”

Peninsula Paediatric Psychology (3P) is based at two sites on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula:

The Cottage – Mount Eliza
187 Mount Eliza Way
Mount Eliza
Victoria, 3930
The Cottage – Rye
4 Ozone Street
Victoria, 3941

Ph: (03) 9119 4433

We have designed an amazing space in both of our cottages. They are decorated with natural colours, plants and beach and woodland pictures, in line with the landscape of the Mornington Peninsula. They are child friendly and have a dedicated play room with lots to explore.

We also continue to offer Telehealth consultations where needed and more appropriate.

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Dr Pascale Paradis

director at 3P, Educational and Developmental psychologist, supervisor

Pascale is dedicated and passionate about her work. She adopts a range of approaches to meet children, families and schools needs. She thrives on opportunities and possibilities to be creative and applying psychology at the forefront of her work. Collaboration, solution-focused approaches, play and evidence-based practices are central to her work.

Why are there provisional psychologists working at 3P?

There are a number of provisional psychologists working at Peninsula Paediatric Psychology (3P) and there are a few reasons for this. This text aims to explain these reasons as well as outline what this means. What are provisional psychologists? Provisional psychologists all have at least 4 years of psychology studies completed. Some have 5 and…

Why is there a psychologist shortage in Australia?

Many have been reflecting on this in recent months. I have been particularly interested in this topic as I opened the doors of Peninsula Paediatric Psychology in between 2 lockdowns in June 2021. Opening a clinic had been something I had debated for a few years, should I or should I not. As I opened…

Neurodivergent Affirmative Approach: What to expect at 3P?

At Peninsula Paediatric Psychology (3P), we are aiming to offer an assessment experience that is aligned with neurodivergent affirmative professional practice. What does this mean? It means that we take care in formulating our processes and reports in a way that embraces strengths and differences rather than dwelling in deficits and impairments discourse outlined in…