We did it! Exciting News at 3P!

We have been incredibly busy in the last few months with great projects coming together and a few more to come!
We have worked over the holiday period to be able to open our new venue in Rye.
We are now open and have availability for psychological and ongoing support as well as psychoeducational assessments. 

We have availability from our psychologists, counsellor and provisional psychologists across both sites for ongoing support or psychoeducational assessments.
Ashlee Mitchell, Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar, is joining the 3P team and will be mainly working from Rye
with a dedicated team of provisional psychologists who will be able to assist with a number of professional activities in Rye.
This is very exciting and we are so grateful to such as great team to have come together in a short space of time.
The cottage is welcoming and fully refurbished with a playroom.
At 3P, we are are also developing links with schools to offer outreach support. 
We are also looking for another psychologist to join the team either for Rye or Mount Eliza, or both.
If you feel values at 3P
– paediatric support in a homely and playful environment with lots of learning opportunities –
aligns with you, get in touch, we really want to hear from you!
Spread the word and tell your colleagues!

International Play Therapy Event
Our director, Dr P., participated in an international play therapy event with a number of fantastic international speakers.
The activity Pascale presented is about a therapeutic backpack and was well received as an activity.
To find out more, click the link below. You can still purchase the recording to watch at your leisure.
Find out more 
Online Groups
We are launching groups online and the first up is for autistic girls.
The aim of the group is to promote connections, nurturing protective factors and enhancing wellbeing.
These will be facilitated by psychologists.
Although we have announced groups for 13-18 years old, we are also keen to get a group going for 11-12 (end of primary) and if enough interest we will run this group too.
We are aiming to start these groups mid-February.

Please contact us to [email protected] 0391194433

Supervision at 3P
We have had a number of requests for supervision recently.
Pascale offers a range of supervision services – groups, courses online and individual supervision.
Pascale also offers professional supervision to school leaders and teachers.
There are 3 groups a month running – 
neurodiversity affirming – start 2nd February, 2-3pm – monthly
two ed and dev focus groups 
-Wednesday 5-6pm, next one 16th February – monthly – 
– Friday 10-11am, next one 11th February – monthly

Dr P. and the team at 3P also offers
Professional Development events for schools, clinics and organisations.
Contact us to discuss your needs.
Contact [email protected] or phone 0391194433 to book sessions

Want to find out more about the offerings we have at 3P psycologies?

If you fill in your email below we can send you out information that could be beneficial to your child. We have had great success with parents that stay involved with the nurturing of their children.

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