What’s on at 3P in 2021?

Thank you for being there and supporting 3P. In 2020, we have had over 45 000 visitors on our website and lots of positive feedback about our blog posts and courses. We are grateful that our help was very much appreciated. Thank you! For 2021, we have lots of exciting projects at 3P so we thought we would share with you all of these.We have lots of positive feedback about the Creative Approaches to Working Online with Children. Don’t miss this comprehensive course presenting lots of ideas, resources and information about materials particularly when using art as a modality. We talk about parents as co-therapists, home visiting as a concept for online work. We also present lots of pertinent therapeutic modalities such as virtual therapy rooms, setting boxes for families and many more. Join us for this fantastic learning opportunity.
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It is Summer in Australia and many school psychologists and counsellors will get ready to get back to working in schools. If you are one of them, perhaps needing to refresh your toolkit, starting a new role in a school or this is your first job out following registration. At 3P, we have courses just for you where we discuss models of professional practice such as consultation, 3 tier model, and many many resources based on most common problems coming to the attention of school based psychologists and counsellors.We received lots of positive feedback about this course too such as being “a game changer for practice” and “a much needed course starting a new role in a school”.
To register for the Child/School Psychology Resources Series 1, quote specialoffer at checkout to receive 30% off current price.
In 2020, we have also been very busy developing virtual therapy rooms. We have set up online workshops and developed lots of resources. More online workshops are planned for 2021. Watch this space!
To learn how to create virtual therapy rooms, register here for only $20 AUD to the end of the month only.
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2020 was hard for many particularly for those who were thinking of moving abroad or are in transition. At 3P, we have a few projects to support others continue developing their dreams.We have designed a completely new course for overseas psychologists moving to Australia to help them navigate terminology, systems and transition challenges. We are also setting up monthly group supervision to support many during this process (email us if interested).
Register here for the Overseas Psychologist in Australia Online Course as a Pre-Order. Fully Accessible in 2 weeks time. Don’t miss it!
We have also started A Psych Moving Abroad Stories Podcast to support psychologists who are thinking of moving abroad. We hope these stories will help others in this transition. We have received an overwhelming positive response to this project and many guests have come forward to participate in the podcast. We will hear awesome stories so stay tuned!
Listen to the first episode of the A Psych Moving Abroad Stories Podcast and many more to come
At 3P, we also do psychoeducational assessments and intervention support including Telehealth. We are on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, and more than happy to assist with assessments (NO WAITLIST). We are also available for Telehealth Australia wide. We can also support families making a transition from and to the UK and Australia.We continue to support many provisional and qualified psychologists through individual and group supervision. We also work closely with schools in the form of training, consultations and professional supervision. Contact us via our Facebook Page, website and/or email for more information and bookings

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