So Excited! #2019planning

Taking some time ‘semi-off’, not all off as life tends to always be somewhat busy such as looking after the kids during the summer holidays, preparing camping trips, catching up with writing reports and on my blogs and completing unattended administrative jobs.

I am also taking some time to think about what is coming up this year. There seem to be endless opportunities and different directions I would like to take in terms of professional goals and vision. There are a few projects on the line, some firmer than others, with some particularly exciting time ahead.

My website/blog on global migration A Toolkit to Opportunities and Challenges as Global Families was accepted for the Families in Global Transition Conference 2019 in Thailand as a co-hosted presentation and session. I am so excited to be going to Thailand (never been before) and also so excited to get to know this organisation more in-depth and making my debut as a presenter. You can follow the Families in Global Transition #Figt2019. I continue to support Overseas Psychologists in Australia via our Facebook page and wish to write a few other texts on my website.

I am setting up an ‘Aspie Girls Group’ in Mornington. I am excited to implement this project as it feels that girls and parents so need this support. This project was accepted as a poster presentation at the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists Conference in Hobart in March. Again, I have never been in Hobart so looking forward to this experience. I have really enjoyed connected with Ed and Dev colleagues at the APS Conference so looking forward to this opportunity. When moving abroad, one of the hardest thing is to find people that are inspiring and continue to support you so it has been to meet many on conferences. I have connected with a number of colleagues locally and on-line and hoping to continue to nurture these links through peer supervision and meet up. Being in private practice can sometimes be isolating so connecting with like minded psychologists is always such an enriching experience.

Essential Toolkit When Working in Schools as a Psychologist has gained thousands of views so I am hoping to maximise this and offer some on-line training in the first instance. I would also like to write a few other similar posts. I aim to continue writing about resources on website as I feel this is important for teachers and parents to have access to some interesting literature on topics of interests. In line of books and and resources I also have a few ideas around this, but still in infancy in terms of projects.

There are a few other projects and news, but need to be waiting to announce these until all is finalised…5xz85ca0rr+tuzv6npyplw


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