#Resource Diary Entry 39: Listening to My Body #mindfulness #sensations #feelings

Great book for lots of different purposes. The author talks about different feelings and sensations and how these can be different and how to understand these. The book is interactive where the listener is asked to practise deep breathing or other mindfulness activities. I liked the approach such as allowing space to discuss sensations and how these are different to feelings. I also liked how different sensations and feelings are discussed in one book.

I used this in a session this week. The child was able to explain more specifically sensations and feelings using this interactive book. It also felt like we were able to try strategies so the child left the session with a few things to try.

This book could also be used as a classroom workshop or a small group activity. I would estimate this book is most appropriate for children age 5-10.

The adult reading this book should be prepared to animate and interact with the child/children whilst reading the book. There may be needs for some stops and discuss, and also practise.

An essential book for the toolkit!

Garcia, G. (2016). Listening to My Body. Take Heart Press.

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