#Resource Diary Entry 33: Nurturing #Dreams

IMG_0279I have not posted for a little while. I had to take a break to attend to some very exciting work offer that has come my way. A dream, an opportunity beyond expectations! It’s incredibly exciting and so looking forward to officially post about this.

How to nurture dreams when working with children, how to nurture strengths to support their aspirations and dreams?

This story is about Mildred, a pea, that wished to do very exciting things with her pea life. She has dreams, but when she talked to other people about her dreams she was told that ‘peas are just peas’ . She then decided that it was enough and did not want to turn ‘mushy’. She met flowers who told her that peas are not all the same and that inside a pea can be different. Mildred decided to pursue her dreams and open a tea shop. This was not easy and many challenges presented themselves on the way. She finally opened her tea shop. Everyone was proud of her and it was a success.

A lovely story that can help children discuss their dreams and aspirations as well as open discourses about possible challenges that may be in the way. Based around respecting differences and one’s talents, this book also explored strengths and unique skills.

When reading this book in a session, drawings and scaling can follow a discussion about this story. Strengths cards can also be used to elicit strengths for children finding it difficult to identify their talents.

Sunderland, M. (2000). A Pea Called Mildred. Speechmark: London.

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