#Resource Diary Entry 28: Separation #Anxiety


This book tells a story with twins as characters as they are dealing with separation from their mother. The story explores their feelings when separating, their worries and their anxieties. It also explores ways of thinking about separation as having an invisible string that allows one to explore the world whilst always being attached to a loved person.

A great story to support parents to discuss with their child issues around separation. It could also be used as a resource to support feelings of loss. It aims to promote attachment, nurturing and wellbeing. Explaining to children that their loved on will always be there no matter aims to create that sense of security and safety to explore the world confidently.

In consultation, I often recommend this book to parents who are experiencing separation anxiety difficulties. I also use this book in sessions. After I read this story to a child, I ask the child to draw a poster about their feelings associated with leaving their parent(s) and we then explore possible tools and strategies. We also invent games about length of strings we would need to travel to different places and we discuss feelings of excitement about going to places and exploring new worlds.

A great story to support wellbeing, positive parenting, attachment and nurturing.

Karst, P. (2000). Invisible String. De Vorss Publications: Camarillo, California.


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