#Resource Diary Entry 23: #ADHD support


This book presents to children, parents or teachers what it feels like to be bouncing around all the time, and relates to attention and hyperactivity needs. The character is represented by a kangaroo, an image that many children can relate to. It explores the child’s feelings and the impact it has on school participation and engagement. The story outlines strategies for the classroom and possible interventions to help the child and others around.

At the end of the book, a number of strategies are described for parents and teachers to try such as visual support, movement breaks, exercises.

From the same collection as the Red Beast, this book is a well worth resource to explore feelings, strategies and interventions at school and at home.

Al-Ghanim K.I. & Beaney, J. (2018). Winston Wallaby Can’t Stop Bouncing. Jessica Kingsley Publishers: London.

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