#Resource Diary Entry 13: #Heywarrior #Heyawesome #anxiety #positivemindset

Hey Warrior is such a great resource! The books presents in a scientific way what anxiety can do to the brain and body. Children really like the factual information about the brain and impact on their bodies when experiencing anxieties. It offers to children and parents different strategies to help with anxieties. The scientific language used really helps to normalise anxieties and difficulties children may experience.

In sessions, I have used this book to explain feelings children are experiencing. I have also taken the time to present the book to parents so they also understand what anxieties feel like and can help their child.

In a post from the author, I heard today that Hey Awesome, another book in this series, is due to come out. I am really looking forward to read this book and use it in my professional practice.

Young, K. (2016). Hey Warrior. Little Steps Books: AU.



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