What if we were grateful for 2020…

I am seeing lots of newsfeed, posts and hearing comments about the need to get to 2021 urgently so that 2020 is finally over. Comments like this…

“So looking forward for 2020 to be over so we can move one”

“Very much looking to see the back of this year, 2020 is suck”

“We deserve a better year next year, I had enough of this one”

“Next year will be so much better”

And so on…

Yes we had a tough year, yeS with many challenges, yes many may want to turn the page…but what if turning the page too quickly or in frustration, without gratitude, may lead to even more problems in the future…

What if we take the time to pause and reflect on what 2020 has taught us so that we can learn from it and steer in a different direction..

In fact, in 2020, we saw many exceptional things happen…to name a few…

Significant reduction of carbon monoxide emission worldwide

Rise for equality and human rights

Watching leaders manage a pandemic which allowed for positive leaders to shine and many cracks of negative leaders to be uncovered

Recognising the importance of health, care and education workers as key to the front services of a society

Acknowledging security of employment as important and taking steps to remediate inequalities and offer solutions

Slowing down fast pace work by reducing travelling hours such as long commutes, international travels

Return to the need to meet basic needs such as health, security, housing

Telehealth recognised as important and essential to offer support to many

Technology being a key to connecting with family, friends, colleagues and supporting learning with many learning new skills

Making working from home a possibility allowing work-life balance and meeting family commitments

Maximising time to be with our children and as a bubble family

Taking time to reconnect with hobbies such as creating, cooking, reading, making

Connecting with nature, gardening, plants, flowers, animals

What if 2020 delivered a huge message saying “I can’t take it anymore, things have to change”.

What if we should listen carefully to what 2020 said…

What if we were grateful for learning points of 2020 before turning the page, because many things may be here to stay.

Not only that, 2021 will be a turning point for the world as we will need to face the challenges 2020 brought so vividly and all at once bringing a need to heal and receive, and put in place lessons learnt.

What if 2020 was there to help us pause and reflect of what is really important in life and re-centre our actions in a constructive manner and a slightly different cap for 2021 with exciting projects that are grounded in what we value the most and what has been reflected upon…

Let’s think about it, let’s leave 2020 grateful and in peace of a better tomorrow…

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