Psychoeducational assessments

At 3P, we offer a range of assessments for children and adolescents to support parents and schools in understanding their needs and to further inform individualised educational support and next steps of their educational career. We provide psychoeducational assessments for children and adolescents from the early years to young adulthood.

  • Psychological assessments
    • cognitive profiles – WPPSI, WISC, WAIS
    • learning assessments – WIAT, WJ
    • autism – ADOS, CARS, SRS
    • executive functioning and memory, ADHD
    • socio-emotional assessments – questionnaire based interviews and consultations
    • play-based assessments – observations and play
    • complex needs and disabilities
    • functional daily living assessments – Vineland and person-centred tools
    • strengths, needs and difficulties assessments
    • consultations with all involved included the child, parents and school staff
    • career, dreams and aspirations assessments
    • Observations in schools

An assessment process include initial consultation where background information, developmental history and current functioning will be discussed. At the end of this consultation, a plan will be drawn up together to inform the next steps of the assessment. Depending on the referral question, assessment tools will be chosen and the length of the assessment process determined. An assessment process can take up to 3-4 assessment sessions depending on the complexity of the referral request. Sessions can typically go up to 2 hours each.

We carry out comprehensive assessments and also feedback results with comprehensive reports which include recommendations for the family and school. Feedback sessions are aimed to be co-constructed which means that all involved in implementing future recommendations to be included and working together in achieving the best outcome possible for the child.

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