online support

At 3P, we offer online consultations. Online support can have huge benefits to families such as being able to access services from a regional and rural area, convenience of sessions being easily accessible from anywhere or with time flexibility respecting busy household demands. It is important that you communicate with the psychologist offering services delivered online to ensure your needs met. As you may have worries about the technology and how sessions will work, we have created an information form for you to familiarise yourself with the online ways of working.

Online support can be offered for ongoing appointments or for one of consultations depending on needs and need for support. Online consultations can also be done as a group if needed, for example, a consultation with a member a staff, parents and an adolescent about school progress and participation.

We aim to have engaging materials and resources so that online work with children is fun, playful and creative. We train our staff with these resources to implement engaging and motivating sessions. Resources include virtual therapy rooms. These can also maximise communications with parents about the therapeutic process such as activities completed in sessions. We will aim to send you a PDF of activities completed together at the end of sessions so that you can consolidate learning points. See in the images below a range of resources we have developed to make sessions engaging, playful and fun.

We are also developing a group program where young people will be able to come together online and access group support.