For schools

At 3P, we offer a range of services for schools.

We offer services either on school site or at the 3P consulting rooms.

We also offer services online via the zoom platform.

  • School Support
    • on-line consultation and support to school staff (via Zoom)
    • on school site or off site psychoeducational assessments and feedback about assessments
    • support with writing and implementing individualised learning plans
    • group work
    • support meetings
    • workshops and training
    • pre-post evaluation of programs
    • research and development
    • advice on specific topics
    • casework consultations with other professionals such as speech pathologists, OTs, paediatricians

  • For School Leaders
    • ongoing professional support and supervision
    • online courses either already developed at the 3P Online School or to be negotiated for a tailored made course
    • support in implementing behaviour support plans, individual educational plans
    • Support in implementing wellbeing and critical incidents policies
    • project work in schools such as children’s participation, parental engagement and training/workshops
    • presentations in schools or online on the following topics:
      • ADHD
      • ASD, girls with ASD
      • Learning difficulties
      • Anxiety
      • behaviour management
      • global migration
      • attachment
      • risk and protective factors to school adaptation
      • transitions
      • resilience
      • wellbeing and positive psychology in schools
      • mental health support
      • career development, dreams and aspirations language and applications
      • managing change
      • creativity in the classroom
      • inclusive professional practices
      • school psychologist’s work in schools
      • supporting teachers developing positive and engaging approaches to working online

  • For School Based Psychologists
    • Supervision
    • Support in implementing the school psychologist role
    • Resources development

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