Why 3P?

Psychologies, with ‘ies’ bringing a connotation of diversity (et pluriel en Français) and being eclectic in offering a variety of approaches to meeting needs, as well as Psychologies with the following:

Uncovering the Passion of 3P!

Point to Point : Working to support the child, family and school.

People Peninsula : Amicable, open, transparent.

Positive Parenting : Children, learning, guidance, needs, strengths, virtues, talents, dreams, aspirations, well-being, happiness approaches depending on needs.

Power of Patchwork : Designing, assembling, bringing together.

Peas in a Pod : Family, team, relationships, staying strong, gardening, forest, woods, trees.

à Petit Pas! Small steps, initiating change, maintaining gains, noticing effort, scaling and monitoring.

Paediatric and Play : Children, adolescent, support, assessments, therapy, early intervention, creativity, playful, fun, engaging therapy.

Professional Practice : Informed, evidence-based, supportive, researched, learning, curious. 

Personalised Planning : Person-centred approach, strengths and needs assessments, working together, child’s views to inform practice.

Pedagogy and Presentations : Training, workshops, support to teachers, mentoring, consultation model, group and individual supervision, informing and recommending evidence-based practices in schools.

Private Practice : Flexibility, tailored to needs, designing and creating.

Packing and Problem-Solving : Boxes, moving, global migration, support, challenges, opportunities, travelling, backpacking.

Pier to Pier : Sea, swimming, sailing, compass, lighthouse, scouting.

Pillar to Post : Hard working, perseverance, stet-by-step, journey.

Painting Pallet : Creativity, imagination, colours, writing, singing.

Pascale Paradis : Determined, adventurous, reliable, passionate, committed, experienced.