Why 3P?

Psychologies, with ‘ies’ bringing a connotation of diversity (et pluriel en Français) and being eclectic in offering a variety of approaches meeting needs, as well as Psychologies with the following

Uncovering 3P!

Point to Point

working to support the child, family and school

People Peninsula

amicable, open, transparent

Positive Parenting

children, learning, guidance, needs, strengths

strengths, virtues, talents, dreams, aspirations, well-being, happiness

approaches depending on needs

Power of Patchwork

designing, assembling, bringing together

Peas in a Pod

family, team, relationships, staying strong, gardening, forest, woods, trees

à Petit Pas!

small steps, initiating change, maintaining gains, noticing effort, scaling and monitoring

Paediatric and Play

children, adolescent, support, assessments, therapy, early intervention, creativity, playful, fun, engaging therapy

Professional Practice

informed, evidence-based, supportive, researched, learning, curious

Personalised Planning

person-centred approach, strengths and needs assessments, working together, child’s views to inform practice

Pedagogy and Presentations

training, workshops, support to teachers, mentoring, consultation model, group and individual supervision, informing and recommending evidence-based practices in schools

Private Practice

flexibility, tailored to needs, designing and creating

Packing and Problem-Solving

boxes, moving, global migration, support, challenges, opportunities, travelling, backpacking

Pier to Pier

sea, swimming, sailing, compass, lighthouse, scouting

Pillar to Post

hard working, perseverance, stet-by-step, journey

Painting Pallet

creativity, imagination, colours, writing, singing

Pascale Paradis

determination, adventures, reliability, passion, commitment, experience

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