Training Package – Global Migration Webinars and 50 Counselling Cards

Information about the Counselling Cards Design

We have designed 50 counselling cards related to global migration. The cards are designed using a postcard concept to reflect the global migration aspect to this project. These cards aim to help support conversations with children, young people and families about global migration challenges and opportunities.

Based on the Toolkit to Global Migration, theoretical frameworks, parental, personal and professional experiences, these cards have been designed for children and young people so fun and colourful. My daughter who is 13 helped design these cards so there is definitely a young person’s mind in these. She has found the project therapeutic and helpful in understanding her global migration journey.

Cards have also been designed to use metaphors so that children and young people can talk through the metaphors with different images. For example, one of the cards has an anchor and aims to elicit conversations about settling in one place and ways to do this.

The themes have all been thought through very carefully and many linked to theoretical frameworks such as resilience, transition and positive psychology. An information booklet accompanies the cards so that the professional working with the global migrant family understands the different theoretical concepts and metaphors used. References are also provided in this booklet.

The counselling cards aim to support professionals understand global migration issues and provide tools to initiate conversations that are specifically related to transitions and this challenges and opportunities of moving abroad.

Information about the Training Package

The training package includes webinars presenting the different counselling cards, images, metaphors and concepts behind all the design. These webinars will be available for you to watch at your leisure for a period of time after enrolling in the full training package.

You will have have the opportunity to have an individual consultation with Dr Pascale Paradis to discuss the training package and the counselling cards. You will receive a certificate to show your participate in the professional development.

On completion of the training and consultation, the counselling cards will be sent to you via post for use with children, young people and families.

Who Is This For?

For any professionals working with children, young people and families experiencing global migration challenges and opportunities such as psychologists, counsellors, coaches, therapists, social workers, educators working in a counselling role.

Why Is The Training Important?

The training is there to be helpful and really understand the design of the cards and the thinking/rationale behind each card. It is also there to create discussions about global migration issues that are very specific to this population of children and families. Forums will be created to support you and others, and create discussions about global migration issues when working with children, young people and families.

When Will This Training Be Available?

The counselling cards are all ready and printed. The webinars are being developed currently. The booklet needs a little bit of reviewing and editing! so we are nearly ready to go! Very exciting!

If interested in this training package and the counselling cards, get in touch at [email protected] or register at


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