Time Flies! 50 Resources Diary Entry #resources #therapeuticsupport #parents #teachers #earlycareerpsychologists

Time flies…children, schools, work, commitments…

Time flies…I have not posted for a while…It is not intentional. Life feels so busy all the time. We are working hard. We support our children the best we can. Life goes by.

I was reflecting on how I would like the 3ppsychologies/Psychologies4lifeadventures site to be used. So far, the post Essential Toolkit When Working as Psychologists in Schools has reached over 6000 viewers with lovely comments about its usefulness. I thought it would be great to maximise this approach as there appears to be a need in this area. Based on the Essential Toolkit text, I am also thinking of developing workshops and resources in the new year.

Additionally, I routinely get asked by parents about resources for children and adolescents presenting with specific needs. Parents have said in consultations that they would like to know about available and useful resources to help them feel confident in supporting their child.

#50 days resources diary entry 

As time flies and find it difficult to post regularly due to lots of commitments, I thought I would set myself a challenge and ensure I make a diary entry daily about a specific and different resource (video, book, information sheet, website) I use with a brief description.

Professional practice does not tend to be static, it evolves, we do something different and maximise what is working well. Responding to needs and using different approaches tend to promote a creative way to support others. As a practitioner, it always feels great to hear about resources and new ideas. I also hope to reach parents by presenting different resources and empower them to help their child through the use of simple and practical ideas.

Why 50? I am building an amazing library of resources and thought I would share my finds. Lots of practical ideas to share!

Stay tuned, like the page and share as it may reach a professional working with children and adolescents or parents needing help!

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