SPECIAL EDITION – Working Online Webinars

As a result of an evolving working context where many are opting to deliver services online, a group of psychologists/education consultants have come together to deliver a webinar series on online working.

Webinar 1 – Into the Unknown: Using video conferencing in child therapy, in a whole new world – Barb Kelly 26th March 8am Melbourne (25th March 9pm London, 10pm Paris, 5pm New York/Montreal)

Barb will share:

  • Making a magic carpet: how to develop a treatment plan and session plan for video conferencing therapy 
  • A whole new world: practical strategies in video conferencing in a time of Covid19
  • Side kicks: Every epic story has them! Parent engagement as “co-therapists”
  • Part of your world: Understanding neurodiversity and video conferencing

Webinar 2 – Supporting Adults Online – Dr Sonia Jaeger – 28th March 8am Melbourne (27th March 9pm London, 10pm Paris, 5pm New York/Montreal)

Sonia will present on her approaches with working with expats and the digitally nomad community.

Webinar 3 – Creative Approches on Child and Parent Work Online – Shellee Burroughs – 30th March 8am Melbourne (29th March 10pm London, 11pm Paris, 5pm New York/Montreal)

Shellee will explore approaches and experiences of online work, focusing on child and parent work, creative approaches, online support and supervision. 

Webinar 4 – Supporting International Schools and Educators’ Wellbeing Online – Ellen Mahoney – 1st April 8am Melbourne (31st March 10pm London, 11pm Paris, 5pm New York/Montreal)

Ellen will talk about her experiences of supporting international schools moving towards digital learning as well as mentoring in the current context.

Webinar 5 – Joint Session with all Speakers with Discussions and Tools for Working Online – 3rd April 8am Melbourne (2nd April March 10pm London, 11pm Paris, 5pm New York/Montreal)

Webinars will last approximately one hour and allow Q&A time at the end. You can join live or register to watch these webinars at your leisure.

To join the webinars, please register using the sidebar of this page or 3ppsychologies.com by clicking on the donation button where you pay on a ‘what you can’ basis. Due to the current context, we acknowledge this may be a difficult time for you, so we are also offering a a donation based registration.

Based on this donation, you will have access to ALL 5 webinars. After registration, you will be sent a link that you need to follow to give you access to the webinars.


About the Speakers and Facilitator

BARB KELLY is a Clinical Psychologist/Child Psychologist in Queensland, Australia. She likes to tell kids she is a “YouTuber” and enjoys using creative strategies in her work with children and families. 

Barb works with a range of presentations, including complex mental health, eating and feeding issues, and has a particular interest in neurodiversity- Autism, ADHD and Tics/Tourette’s. 

Video conferencing and webinars have been a vital part of Barb’s work to support children in their systems. Barb has been utilising video conferencing to support children in rural and remote locations, as well as to build capacity in children’s community through training and educating parents, educators, psychologists and allied health professionals. Barb has a background as a university lecturer and also supervises psychologists.

SHELLEE BURROUGHS is a Transition and Trauma consultant and UK registered Art Psychotherapist who is currently based in the South West of England. Shellee trained in Canada before returning to the UK where she worked for the National Health Service, Twelve’s Company (a sexual abuse survivor charity), in schools and is currently in private practice as a trauma specialist. Shellee has almost 20 years experience of providing support for children, young people and their families and recently co-facilitatated an Exeter University legal study specifically for Grenfell Tower survivors.

Shellee currently works with adopted and ‘cared for’ children and young people and provides online support for families and foster parents. Having lived in the UK, North America, Australia, Japan and Malaysia, she has extensive cultural experience in both a personal and professional capacity and is also a parent to two ‘Third Culture’ children. She lives on the outskirts of Exeter and is a lead team member of the ‘Families in Global Transition’ (FIGT) coaching and counselling affiliate. Shellee continues to develop her online provision in a variety of contexts, including therapy sessions, workshops, supervision and professional support groups. 

DR. SONIA JAEGER is a German-French psychologist, psychotherapist and PhD, who has been living a location independent life as a digital nomad for the past five years while working as an online therapist, providing online counselling to expats and other globally mobile clients in German, French and English. Growing up with two languages and cultures herself she experienced the challenges and advantages of the mobile and international life from an early age. After finishing her PhD she decided to take a break and travel the world. However, instead of returning home afterwards she opened an online private counselling practice and has been travelling the world ever since. On top of her online counselling work, Sonia also mentors other psychotherapists who want to work online and facilitates workshops that broach the issues of mental health while living globally. She is also the co-host of the Podcast „Mit Psychologie und Laptop um die Welt“ and the co-founder of the Location Independent Therapists Community.


ELLEN MAHONEY is an alumna of international schools, the CEO of Sea Change Mentoring, and a Council of International Schools Affiliated Consultant. She is the only professional working with international schools who is certified in mentoring program supervision.

In 2013, Ms Mahoney was named a David Pollock Scholar and an Echoing Green Semifinalist for founding Sea Change Mentoring, which provides consulting and professional development for international schools developing Social and Emotional Learning, mentoring, advisory, wellbeing, and transitions programs. In 2019, she launched The Circulus Institute, which provides blended learning opportunities for school staff in the area of social and emotional learning competencies. She is author of Ten Strategies for Educators’ Wellbeing: A Handbook for Schools During the COVID-19 Outbreak and is the host of the Sea Change Podcast, a podcast that discusses the intersection of education and COVID-19. She is currently based in New York City.

DR. PASCALE PARADIS is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist working in schools, private practice as well as working in a university training clinic. As well as using online tools due to her global migration journey, Pascale has developed two websites with many resources for families, schools and professionals and a series of child/school psychology resources webinars. Pascale also provides online individual and group supervision to psychologists and professionals working with children, families and schools.

Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS), Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) and the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists (FCEDP), Pascale has developed specific interests in the following fields of psychology: school adaptation, resilience, cross-cultural issues and migration, positive psychology and, leadership and organisational psychology in schools. With 25 years in education, Pascale worked in different childcare and educational settings, notably, summer camps, primary school and secondary schools, independent schools, further education colleges and childcare centres in Quebec, Scotland and England. She also worked for local authorities developing specialised education and services for children and families.


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