As a result of an evolving working context where many are opting to deliver services online, a group of psychologists have come together to deliver a webinar series on online working. 

Webinar 1 – Person-Centred Thinking – Colin Newton, 8th April 7am Melbourne (7th April 10pm London, 11pm Paris, 5pm New York/Montreal)

At a time when assessment work may not be so feasible, there are many other ways to support clients. In this workshop we provide an overview of service centred thinking with person centred model approaches to planning. This may be perceived as an alternative to a medical model approach.

Person Centred Planning was first developed in the 1980’s by a small number of people including John O’Brien, Connie Lyle O’Brien, Beth Mount, Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forest and Michael Smull. It was developed as a way of enabling people – children and adults – to move out of special segregated places schools, hospital and institutions into mainstream life – schools and communities. Person Centred Planning is built on the values of inclusion and looks at what support a person needs to be included and involved in their community.

Person centred approaches offer an alternative to traditional types of planning which are based upon the medical model of disability and which are set up to assess need, allocate services and make decisions for people. Person centred planning is rooted in the social model and aims to empower people who have traditionally been disempowered by ‘specialist’ or segregated services by handing power and control back to them.

This session will be graphically facilitated with a second presenter Elliot Newton. 20% reduction in book purchases for all participants joining this webinar. Simply email [email protected] with proof of attendance and we will send book and invoice details. 

Webinar 2 – Supporting Global Migrants Online– 10th April 7am Melbourne (9th April 10pm London, 11pm Paris, 5pm New York/Montreal)

Daniela will talk about her online work with the globally mobiles. She will also discuss her work with the globally mobile population particularly linked to identity formation under this unique lifestyle and the unique challenges this population have during this challenging times we are living due to the coronavirus.

Webinar 3 – Working Online Supporting Anxiety and Feeling Helpless14th April 8am Melbourne (13th April 11pm London, 12pm Paris, 6pm New York/Montreal)

Bonnie will talk about her work online supporting expats in gaining a sense of mastery over situations that are worrying and creating anxiety. She will also explore Anxiety and Feeling Helpless how we can learn to recognise the intrusive thoughts that may trigger our anxiety and worry.  Types of worry will be explored to help people learn how to manage these thoughts and change their mindset in order to gain a sense of mastery over their situation.

Webinar 4 – Person-Centred Planning In Action – 17th April 7am Melbourne (16th April 10pm London, 11pm Paris, 5pm New York/Montreal)

In this workshop we demonstrate what this approach looks like in action. With stories and live videos plus detailed reflections on person centred facilitation this work is cutting edge. 

Inclusive Solutions have been using these processes since 2001 in an ever widening range of situations including planning for education, looked after children, inclusion in schools, social care environments, transitions, whole team planning and work with families and around children and young people of all ages.

This session will be graphically facilitated with a second presenter Elliot Newton. 20% reduction in book purchases for all participants joining this webinar. Simply email [email protected] with proof of attendance and we will send book and invoice details. 

Webinar 5 – Transition to Working online – top tips, strategies, counselling techniques for working with teams and managers through Employee Assistance Programs – Natalie Flatt – 20th April 8am Melbourne (19th April 10pm London, 11pm Paris, 5pm New York/Montreal)

Natalie will be presenting about her innovative approach to creating support for employees, teams and managers. In this current context, this is a particular issue needing attention.

Webinar 6 – Resilience framework when working with children and families in this current context – Dr Pascale Paradis – 22nd April 8am Melbourne (21st April 11pm London, 12pm Paris, 6pm New York/Montreal)

Pascale will present a resilience framework when working with children and families. This is to support children and families going through a difficult time currently. The resilience concept, risk and protective factors will be outlined as well as tools and strategies.

Information about the webinars

Webinars will last approximately one hour and allow Q&A time at the end. You can join live or register to watch these webinars at your leisure in a purposefully designed learning platform which includes resources, links, feedback form and a certificate after completion.

To join the webinars, please follow this link for registration. Due to the current context, we acknowledge this may be a difficult time for you, so we are offering coupon discounts for participants of the Working Online Webinar Series.


Based on this registration, you will have access to ALL 6 webinars for 50 days. After registration, you will be sent a link that you need to follow to give you access to the webinars and learning platform.

About the Speakers and Facilitator

COLIN NEWTON is an Educational Psychologist in the UK who trained in Newcastle and worked in Nottinghamshire, East Anglia and Essex. Before that Colin was a primary school teacher in East Anglia. From 1998 – 2001 Colin was Principal Educational Psychologist of City of Nottingham Local Education Authority (LEA) where he contributed to the consultation on and successful development of an inclusive education policy across the LEA. Colin is the co-author of a number of person-centred planning resources: ‘Circles of Friends’, ‘Circle of Adults: A Team Approach to Problem Solving Around Challenging Behaviour and Emotional Needs and ‘Restorative Solutions – Making it Work together’ and Managing Change in Schools, a practical handbook, Keys to Inclusion, Person Centred Planning Together.

Colin’s career has been values driven, but also practical using applied psychology in training and real life problem solving with schools, families and individual children and young people. Colin is a proud parent to two sons and a daughter.

DANIELA TOMER is an Israeli and Belgian licensed Clinical Psychologist. Her nomadic lifestyle led her to co-found GNW- Global Nomad’s World a consultancy dedicated to help individuals and organisations around the world with  different challenges, through Psychology and Sports. Daniela also serves as FIGT- Families in Global Transition Counseling and Coaching Affiliate Chair. She is a leading force of a growing movement of mental health professionals who are working to create resources that will help people around the world to better deal with the complex issue that arise when they migrate.

Daniela has lived in Latin America, Israel, Europe and since August 2016, Boston USA. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew and speaks conversational French. She is the proud mother of four TCKs.

Dr BONNIE WIMS is an Expat Therapist and Counselling Psychologist.  She has a private practice in New York and works exclusively online.  Dr. Bonnie Wims received her training while living as an expat in the United Kingdom.  It was in London that Dr. Wims had a traditional private practice and worked with a variety of client presentations including depression, anxiety, grief and more.  After moving back to the states, first Boston and now New York, Dr. Wims began working more and more with expats and has developed both workshops and courses on cultural transitions and the challenge they bring to our sense of “self”.  In addition, Dr. Wims took her private practice completely online and is committed to removing obstacles to mental wellness through online counseling.

Dr NATALIE FLATT Ph.D is co-founder of ConnectPsych Services in Australia. Natalie has extensive experience in Solution-Focussed Cognitive Behavioural presentation and interventions to assist with anxiety, resilience, stress management, relationships, workplace conflict and compassion fatigue. Her therapeutic work offers practical, evidence-based solutions to assist professionals to overcome a wide variety of difficulties to ensure ongoing emotional resilience, wellbeing, and improved self-confidence; resulting in higher work life satisfaction and productivity.

Natalie’s area of work focuses on online Employee Assistance Program, “Creating Successful Online Employee Assistance Programs for Employees, Teams and Managers”.

DR. PASCALE PARADIS is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist working in schools, private practice as well as working in a university training clinic. As well as using online tools due to her global migration journey, Pascale has developed two websites with many resources for families, schools and professionals and a series of child/school psychology resources webinars. Pascale provides online individual and group supervision to psychologists and professionals working with children, families and schools.

Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS), Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) and the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists (FCEDP), Pascale has developed specific interests in the following fields of psychology: school adaptation, resilience, cross-cultural issues and migration, positive psychology and, leadership and organisational psychology in schools. With 25 years in education, Pascale worked in different childcare and educational settings, notably, summer camps, primary school and secondary schools, independent schools, further education colleges and childcare centres in Quebec, Scotland and England. She also worked for local authorities developing specialised education and services for children and families.

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