So exciting! After just a few very busy weeks! work available at 3P!

Work is available at 3P!

We are looking at recruiting psychologists – provisional, early career and Ed and dev registrars with a specific interest in working with children and adolescents.

Are you?

A newly registered psychologist wanting to expand work in assessments and work with children and adolescents

A registrar in Ed and dev looking for additional supervision and experience in assessments and ongoing support with children and adolescents

A provisional psychologist looking for placement opportunities or working hours

A provisional psychologist near to registration

An undergraduate student in psychology with an interest in child psychology looking for work experience

3P is for you!

If you are looking for placement activities, employment or contracting work for the following…

-outreach support to schools/in the home

-assessment work

-Telehealth work

-face to face work in the cottage

-online group work-support with online course development

-intake support

Benefits of working at 3P

Work with a growing team and very dedicated practitioners

Working on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula closed to beach and the woods

Opportunities for ongoing learning and supervision via individual, group supervision and learning courses, with ed and dev registrar program supervision

Support and supervision for a range of psychoeducational assessments and ongoing support tailored to children and adolescents

An amazing homely and cosy cottage to work from with administrative support

Lots of assessments and resources

Opportunities to grow and support developments at 3P

Creativity and play at the centre of the work at the clinic

Access to a range of Telehealth resources including virtual therapy rooms

A dedicated playroom

Why 3P?

Based on the name of the founder, Pascale Paradis Psychologist, and together with words of association with Ps with psychology such as

Peninsula Paediatric Psychology

Personalised Planning

Positive Parenting

Paediatric and Play

Power of Patchwork

And lots more see

Contact Dr Pascale Paradis

[email protected]

Want to find out more about the offerings we have at 3P psycologies?

If you fill in your email below we can send you out information that could be beneficial to your child. We have had great success with parents that stay involved with the nurturing of their children.

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