School Psychology Resources Webinars

IMG_0842School Psychology Resources Webinars

The focus of these webinars will be to share resources. It is intended to invite guest speakers for specific topics. To access these webinars and support, you will need to provide your registration and professional qualifications (link to your registration provider). You could be based in Australia or in other countries. Trainees and provisional psychologists are more than welcome. This support is not in replacement of clinical supervision. It will contribute to your continuous professional development goals and plan.

All webinar series include access to a closed Facebook group where all will be able to access information, share with others and exchange ideas.  The first series of Webinars will be available in the Facebook group on-line from the 7th June 2019 at a 2 week interval. Series 2 and 3 will be available later in the year. Costs are $150 (Australian) for one series of webinars (10 webinars). Please send your interest at

Series 1 – Starting on the 7th June 2019

Webinar 1 New in a school?
What to do? Where to start?
Introduction and model of
professional practice
Webinar 2 Essential Toolkit when working
in schools
Webinar 3 Strengths and needs approach and eliciting children’s views
Webinar 4 Learning difficulties
Webinar 5 Anxiety and Separation Anxiety
Webinar 6 Anger
Webinar 7 Autism
Webinar 8 Behavioural issues
Emotional regulation
Webinar 9 Giftedness
Webinar 10 Implementing Groups

Series 2 – To come


Series 3 – To come

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