#Resource Diary Entry 45: ‘I’m a citizen of the world’ #globalcitizen #globalmigration #moving #crossculture #identity #FIGT2019

rYsSARNOAgjqMApjNdQI came across this resource at a Families in Global Transition Conference. This book offers interesting content, images and metaphors that can be discussed with a child in preparation to a move abroad or back to their home country. It also presents different activities that can be completed by the child or with the child. Interesting analogies are presented such as ‘Am I a burger’ referring to adding different ingredients of global migration experiences to make a juicy and amazing burger. Activities such as preparing a timeline, checklists before the move, tools about saying goodbyes are also helpful strategies presented in this book. This book explains concepts related to big emotions when moving abroad such as a rollercoaster and other analogies.

Tips and tools for parents are highlighted throughout the book which helps providing practical ideas for parents. References of different resources are also presented at the end of the book. I like the language used such as being a citizen of the world. Similarly, I like the concept of developing a castle to help a child visualise the gift of moving abroad and to many places.

A great find and look forward to use these concepts more in-depth with children I work with.

Chabert d’Hières, F. I’m Citizen of the world. RDM Editions.

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