#Resource Diary Entry 43: Kids On The Move #globalmigration #moving #TCK #FIGT2019

0gGuSDf7QcipVoH4xW1sbgI came across this great resource at a Families in Global Transition Conference. This book provides ideas and activities when working with children who are moving to different countries. It also offers activities that can be used for therapeutic support in many situations. For example, I like the problem-solving exercise proposing a framework to open up about a problem. The book presents a number of activities related to identity such as ‘Who am I’, ‘Where am I from?’ and suggestions on how to elicit views of the child in relation to their identity, sense of self and their cultural heritage.

A great find and looking forward to try activities with children I work with.

Evans, L. & Harris, J. (2019). Kids On The Move: 25 Activities to Help Kids Connect, Reflect & Thrive Around the World. Lexington: USA

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