#Resource Diary Entry 42: #Sleep and #Nightmares

Great activity book including therapeutic stories, activities and reflections about different issues associated with sleep and nightmares. Activities include (only to name a few) sentence completion suggestions, bed time plans and nightmares recording maps. Neon is a character that is helping the child to overcome fears and anxiety in relation to bedtime. He invites a team of helpers and provide CBT based guidance through the activities. The later part of the book has a guide for the adults supporting the child.

Bedtime is often a topic of conversation in consultations with parents. Children with anxiety and low moods often report difficulties sleeping in their own bed, falling asleep or staying asleep. In situation where children are processing more difficult life situations such as parental separation, school and friend issues, or traumatic events such as loss and many other significant issues, children also report difficulties with sleeping patterns.   However, there is a limited resources in this area. This is resource is so welcome.

This book offers particularly helpful activities and a framework to support children and parents. The book is full of colourful illustrations. A particularly helpful resource for the toolkit.

Treisman, K. (2019). Neon and Ninja: Activity Book for Children who struggle with Sleep and Nightmares. Jessica Kingsley Publishers: London and Philadelphia.

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