#Resource Diary Entry 4: Card Deck of Sentence Completion and Feelings Cards #therapeuticsupport #feelings

Set of cards with feelings and sentence completion. Feelings cards give a wide range of feelings and are helpful when a child finds it more difficult to identify a feeling. The sentence completion part of the deck of cards is very helpful. I find it particularly useful in situations where a child is more silent in sessions. I pick cards relevant to the situation and present these to the child. The visual prompts help the conversation becoming simple and focused. It often helps eliciting thoughts and feelings about the child’s life at school or at home. From there, conversations tend to expand and evolve in different ways. I often use these cards to warm up for an assessment session or/and to elicit a child’s views about home and school.

A great find and particularly helpful in lots of assessment or therapeutic sessions.

Treisman, K. (2018). Therapeutic Treasure Deck of Sentence Completion and Feelings Cards. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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