#Resource Diary Entry 30: Looking after your child’s #mental health


I came across this poster and thought it illustrated well a number of strategies parents can adopt to look after their child’s mental health.

This poster highlights that a range of strategies is needed to support children’s mental health. Some strategies are more relational as others are more related to physical aspect impacting on psychological wellbeing:

  • Physical strategies such as healthy eating, sleep, physical activities;
  • Self-care and relaxation such as finding specific activities that are soothing as well as explicitly teaching these skills;
  • Play and creativity such as opportunities to explore, invent, develop one’s own interests;
  • Resilience such as coping skills, problem-solving, autonomy and  connecting with others;
  • Relational strategies such as role modelling, talking, positive relationship building.

Lots of interesting top tips…The illustrations help identify these strategies that are important. Parents may need support to implement these strategies. It may help to consult with a psychologist to discuss these strategies as well as formulating a plan of actions where help is needed…


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