#Resource Diary Entry 24: #Lying

ocyosurctjer7dcs3moxkg.jpgSorry, I had to take a little break. Work commitments, children and now being on my own with the 3 kids for 2 weeks are often consuming. Promise,  I did not lie! I will continue up to 50 resources!

Parents and teachers often ask in consultations about lying and what we should do about it. Lying can happen for lots of reasons: fear of being disciplined and getting in trouble, for example. Lying is often seen as malaptive and not an appropriate behaviour, but can also be there to serve a purpose for the child.

This book tells a story about a child lying. It presents possible reasons for the behaviour as well as feelings and consequences for the child’s actions. It intends to create reflections and discussions about lying.

At the end of the book, a number of different strategies are proposed for parents and teachers such as complimenting the child for honesty when they explain an incident after lying.

Cook, J. (2015). Lying Up A Storm. National Centre for Youth Issues: Chattanooga, TN.


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