Resource #57: Virtual Therapy room checklist

Virtual therapy rooms have sparked many therapists’ attention as these can be really supportive when working online with children. These can also help storing resources in one place, support communication with parents and create engaging activities. At 3P, we have designed a number of packages to support your work online.

Virtual therapy rooms can also support an hybrid way of working to ensure therapists can promptly move from online work to face to face work with fluidity. This week’s circuit breaker 5 day lockdown in Melbourne was a clear reminder that sudden transfer to Telehealth will stay for some time to come. 

Going forward you can access packages via a short course on the 3P learning platform. Packages all include many virtual therapy rooms, activities uniquely designed by 3P, resources, links, a give away of all the package rooms at the end of course, a completion certificate and a short assignment task.

To help you and guide you in designing your virtual therapy rooms, here is a PDF you can download. This is a checklist to follow when creating virtual therapy rooms.

You can also connect with many in our Facebook group to share your creations.

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