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What A Few Weeks!
Busy, enriching, connecting, creating
It has been an incredibly busy few weeks. It was not that long ago when I was looking at launching the Child/School Psychology Resources Webinars again, but then realised the situation with COVID-19 was bringing challenges to many. I was meant to travel abroad to speak at a couple of conferences about implications for professional practice when working with families in global transition as well as visiting friends and family. Instead, it is from my office at home that I started to reflect on the situation as my family and friends abroad were beginning their lock down, isolation and school closures. In support of my family and friends, I started writing a few Resources posts (particularly 48) and then realised this situation would be coming to Australia where many psychologists would need to prepare for online working, see 49). Posts gained interest with more than 15 000 hits and many lovely comments. I did not anticipate reaching 50 resources on my website in this context. Connecting in professional groups about working online, triggered further ideas about bringing professionals together to create a Working Online Webinar Series. 

The series grew from planting a few seeds…

Working Online Webinar Series 1
Beautiful collaborations, networking opportunities, full of compassion, from all over the world
We started the series with Barb Kelly who presented a number of ideas and strategies about working with children. Barb’s presentation was engaging and full of colourful ideas.

We then had Sonia Jaeger who presented on counselling online and supporting expats communities for the last 5 years. The concept of being digitally nomad is fascinating and Sonia approached this well.

Shellee Burroughts gave us a great insight into working online with children and families using creative approaches. It was particularly touching and insightful to hear about Shellee’s work supporting children experiencing trauma. Our last presentation was from

Ellen Mahoney who gave an overview of her work online with international staff and particularly unique insight into different phases of her experiences with Covid-19 and the impact on students and staff.We then came all together as a last webinar in this series to discuss the different stages of the Covid-19 around the world as well as reflecting on each presentation, ‘take away messages’ and impact on professional practice.

As the sessions evolved, many joined but a few technical issues were frustrating. Administration systems changed to accommodate this growth and reduce administration time and tasks. The newly and purposefully designed learning platform allows for quicker administration processes, safe storage of resources, videos and additional features such as a certificate on completion and feedback.  

Working Webinar Series 2
Other presenters joined in this adventure, creating further collaborations worldwide          As we were finishing our series of webinars, it became evident that further presentations would be pertinent in the context, and further collaborations were created. Again in this series, we were able to form a team with international coverage, which I find particularly fascinating.

Colin Newton started the series with a graphically presented session on person-centred thinking. Colin and I have been in touch many times about working together and it was amazing to finally come to do this session. Colin will be back for another session later in the series. His work is so valuable in the current context as we are not able to do standardised assessments as much so this can be applied in many working contexts to ensure inclusion. I also think this different thinking and approach can change people’s lives. The graphically facilitated work can also bring so much to people involved in the process. I add an image of this type of work, such a great approach for our psychologist’s toolkit. So much to learn from this approach..                                  

We had a second session from Daniela Tomer who helped to really deepen our thinking when supporting global migrants by differentiating definitions of TCKs and CCKs, and bringing important reflections about the type of psychologist one wants to be perceived online.We will be hearing from Dr Bonnie Wims on ‘Anxiety and Feeling Helplessness’ with the global migrant population and Dr Natalie Flatt on ‘Creating Successful Online Employee Assistance Programs for Employees, Teams and Managers’ later in the series. I also took the liberty to give a bonus presentation in the series on ‘Resilience when working with children and families’ as this is such a pertinent topic in the current context and was the topic of my theses.A Few Reflections So FarWhat a few weeks it has been…beautiful connections all around the world and lots of learning along the way. A huge thank you to all presenters who have helped make this project a reality rapidly. There have been so many learning points that I would not know where to start, but certainly the importance of connecting, seeking peer support in more challenging situations, bringing people together and learning together has particularly resonated with me. I am sure there will be many more reflections to come as we continue to process the second series…and who knows many other projects may evolve as a result. Watch out for the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologist in Australia where I have been asked to write an article.We have a surprise!

We want the webinars to reach as many professionals as possible                                                  We are sincerely wanting this work to reach as many. The small cost (in AUD) has been put in place to give a token of appreciation to our presenters, covering administration costs and also making the learning platform sustainable. Many have joined and we are hoping that many more can join us in the second series. All recordings from series 1 and 2 will be available to watch if you cannot make the live events so you can still register to these series. Please share with coll eagues and networks.
                                                                                                         As Jacinda Ardern said Easter Bunnies are allowed…We are offering 40% discount until Monday evening on either Series 1 or/and Series 2 Working Online Webinar Series (AUD). A great opportunity to watch and listen to psychologists around the globe about their work online. Quote ‘Easter’ when you register. When you register for these series, you will have a 30% discount on the Child/School Psychology Resources Webinars coming up later in May. If you are financially impacted by Covid-19, we hear you. Please get in touch as we would like you to join us… 

Yours Adventurously, 
Dr P. 

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