Benefits of Assessments, Therapy and Support

There is a point in life where sometimes emotions are too big to deal with alone; thoughts or ways of doing require some changes. Seeking help is a positive sign, not a sign of weakness. One is not alone in wanting to seek help, many engage in this process. Sometimes, one feels stuck. Having someone else to bounce ideas with, share concerns and come up with a plan together can really alleviate big emotions, the sense of feeling alone and deskilled in dealing with the problem.

Psychoeducational assessments can be of value in establishing strengths and difficulties and inform future interventions for school and parents. It is not in all cases that such an assessment is required. Sometimes intervention and therapy is a better course of actions. Some other times the child’s needs are known and it is best to develop an individualised plan. This can be discussed thoroughly in an initial consultation with the child psychologist.

Knowing one is not alone, the benefits of sharing, telling a story and putting heads together to fully discuss the problems experienced can have a significant impact on one’s wellbeing. Specifically, for a child to know other children feel the same, or feeling their parents are having support to understand their needs can really help.

Should I leave it and see how my child goes before seeking support?

Follow your instinct! As a parent, you are the expert of your child! If you feel that something is not quite right, or feel you need help in thinking about specific issues, waiting can only exacerbate the needs and difficulties and may be more difficult to change in the long run. Additionally, as a child develops, different hormones and experiences impact on behaviour. Left unattended or unsupported, emotions and behaviour can become much bigger and complex.

With child psychology, based on research evidence, prevention and early intervention is the key. An initial consultation may be all it needs. You can draw a plan with the psychologist and take it from there.