A Pretty Exciting News at 3P!

We have a pretty exciting news!
We have been planning this for a while now and we are so excited to share this news with you all.
From mid May 2021, we will be based at 187 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza, VIC in this lovely homely white cottage.
We will be opening this 3P venue to offer support to children and adolescents, and families. 

3P represents
Peninsula Paediatric Psychology Services 

Services will be particularly focused on paediatric services
– psychoeducational assessments (autism, including the ADOS, learning difficulties, cognitive profile, adaptive skills, socio-emotional difficulties, behavioural difficulties)
– intervention support (behaviour support, counselling, play approaches, psychoeducation, consultation) with our very own purposefully designed play room.

Services will be also available in schools around the Mornington Peninsula for psychoeducational assessments, whole staff or team training, parenting support, consultations and leadership support.

We continue to offer supervision services for provisional and qualified psychologists, and will have placement opportunities at the cottage.
We are now taking expression of interests for placements.
Please submit your CV with a cover letter.
There is also a possibility to rent a room for professionals working in the paediatric space.


We are now taking bookings for opening on the 26th May 2021 face to face. 
Assessment and support can be booked on Telehealth consultations from now!
Our logo
A backpack needed for all sorts of life adventures
Psychologies, with ‘ies’ bringing a connotation of diversity (et pluriel en Français) and being eclectic in offering a variety of approaches meeting needs, as well as Psychologies with the following such as
People Peninsula
Paediatric and Play
Positive Parenting
Power of the Patchwork
Personalised Planning
Pedagogy and Presentations
Pascale Paradis Psychologist
Contact us for any queries at [email protected] 
or Visit our website

Want to find out more about the offerings we have at 3P psycologies?

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