We are growing: Meet the team at 3P

It has been incredibly busy at 3P in the last few months. As well as opening our new premises, we have had a number of referrals and growing the team. 

We are welcoming many new team members…
Meet Melissa, admin support, and Lisa, psychologist, who are starting this week! and a growing team!

Jade started a couple of weeks ago. She is Masters of Counselling student from Monash University completing a yearly placement at 3P. Jade will be responsible for individual and group programs at 3P.
Candice is a provisional psychologist and started a few weeks ago and is completing her final placement at 3P. She is mainly doing assessments at 3P and hoping to offer support too.
Sasha will start at 3P very soon. She is also a provisional psychologist currently.
Both Candice and Sasha are completing their PhD in Educational and Developmental Psychology at Monash University and hoping to publish their first articles soon so they can become fully registered psychologists and support many children, adolescents and families at 3P.
Kathryn is also a provisional psychologist who started a few weeks ago and is currently helping with assessment work on Saturdays. Kathryn is finishing her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Cairmillar and will continue to work at 3P once she is fully registered.
Tracy and Hanna have been part of the team for a little while now and support functions at reception.
Hanna will be doing her provisional psychologist placement for 2 years at 3P as soon as she completes her psychology degree at Cairnmillar Institute this Spring.
At 3P, we continue to implement our vision of training the workforce and supporting learning and skills development in the child and adolescent psychology space!

In the mix, Covid continues to impact on face to face work which can be challenging. We continue to offer services online via telehealth and our unique virtual therapy rooms.
We also apply the criteria from the government when making decisions about who is coming on site: appointments can’t be postponed due specific timelines or a number of previous cancellations due to restrictions or/and a person’s wellbeing is at risk or deteriorating and care is required. 
You can contact us to discuss this further. 0391194433

At 3P, we aim to be creative and offer a range of support. We are now developing different individual and group programs.
Jade will be supporting these and also Sasha when she starts art 3P. These can be delivered at the clinic (online and individual only) or in schools.
Here is some information below about these packages. 
To come Third Culture Kids (TCK)/Cross-Culture Kids (CCK) wellbeing online support groups for adolescents across Australia
Wellbeing online support groups for autistic children and adolescents across Australia
For expression of interests, give us a ring at 0391194433
or send us an email at admin@3ppsychologies.com


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