#Resource Diary Entry 44: My Moving Booklet #globalmigration #moving #school #classroom #teachers #FIGT2019

I came across this booklet at a Families in Global Transition Conference. This booklet offers different activities and ideas when working with children who are needing to say goodbye. It provides a framework to support the teacher in implementing different strategies in the classroom. It also gives ideas about how to open up different conversations with children about moving abroad, or again. Themes explored are: worries about moving, rituals and traditions, friendships in the now. The second part of the book offers activities to discuss adaptation in the school environment such as friendship, rituals and traditions, and feelings about the move.

The booklet offers a great framework for the teachers who welcome children in their classroom experiencing transitions. The booklet could easily be completed with the ‘teacher of the now’ and given to the ‘new teacher’ to continue the process. This approach would provide positive anchor points to school adaptation. Similarly, if a child was to work with a psychologist or counsellor, this booklet could be used to support this transition. Transitions are often a way of life for many children and families. This booklet offers opportunities to explore this theme.

Besanceney, V. (2015). My Moving Booklet. Summertime Publishing: UK.

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