#Resource Diary Entry 34: Coloured Emotions and Animals #DrSeussbooks



Beautiful and engaging story about different coloured emotions linked to animals!

It’s one of those moments in a session where a child says “I want to talk about living things and nothing to do with humans”…and my brain went…”Let’s see what we can do about that” and pulled out this book from Dr Seuss: Emotions, Colours and Animals…even better!

Dr Seuss’ books are my favourites! Great to read with the riddles and so well thought of and engaging. Children love it!

This book creates a number of topics for conversations: emotions, colours for emotions, animals for emotions, individual differences, etc.

  • What colour were you feeling like yesterday?
  • What animal do you feel like at school?
  • When you have a mixed up day, what does that look like?
  • What colour or animal feel more positive or better, and how?
  • and so many more options…

A must for the Child therapist/Psychologist toolkit, and also for teachers and parents…

Dr Seuss (1996). My Many Coloured Days. Random House Children’s Publishers: London.

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