#Resource Diary Entry 15: #WhatEveryParentNeedstoKnow #parenting #support #childdevelopment

Parents often come to a consultation asking about different tips and strategies, or are thinking of specific parenting dilemmas such as how to handle a tantrum, behaviour, how to manage bedtime routines and co-sleeping.

As a parent myself, I have often wondered about these dilemmas. I came across to this resource a few years back now. I really enjoy going back to this book when I need guidance. I particularly like the scientific information related for each topics and the reference with brain development. The book is designed to relay complex information in a simple way with lots of images and visual information.

A great resource for moments of doubt and reflections as a parent!

Sunderland, M. (2007). What Every Parent Needs to Know. Dorling Kindersly Limited: London.


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