#Resource Diary Entry 5: #autism support #video #circleoffriends #siblings #parents #teachers


It is often a dilemma for parents. “Do we tell our child about ‘autism’?” “What do we do next?” “What about the siblings, do they understand the needs of their brother/sister?”

As an introduction the ‘Amazing Things Happen’ video can be helpful. It addresses a number of points as conversation starters, particularly strengths and unique ways of thinking. It also helps think about next steps and possible support needed.

I used this video today with a child who wanted to know more about ‘their autism’. This video helped a precious discussion in terms of self-identity and scaffolded an important conversation about needs, thought and feelings.

Variance: This video may be helpful for siblings to understand their brother/sister’s needs as well as for parents. It may also be useful in a ‘Circle of Friends’ situation where a child needs to be supported by classroom peers.


Author: Alexander Amelines. Amazing Things Happen. Video link as above.

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