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The decision was made, we were moving to Australia! Overwhelmed and excited, I did all the research I could imagine to see if this move was possible in terms of my career. I had worked very hard to complete my doctorate so it was not an option to not continue my work in this field. Initial research looked promising, different search engines revealed employment prospect so I felt reassured about possibilities. When I arrived in Australia, the reality kicked in and the registration became a maze for the crazy ones like in Asterix. You do something, but need to do something else before, but you cannot the first thing before you do 2 and 3. I then tried to turn to support but no one I knew I had been through this and support out there seemed limited. I started writing posts about my despair on my global migration blog/website. My posts travelled and reached many. A group was created on Facebook, UK/Overseas psychologists in Australia, with two other psychologists from the UK. The group has been helpful to many and continues to be today.

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